Julia Bradbury, 51, dazzles in a plunging button-up bathing suit while sharing a private shower video.


Julia Bradbury, 51, dazzles in a plunging button-up bathing suit while sharing a private shower video.

JULIA BRADBURY, best known for anchoring Countryfile, has released a video of herself in the shower on Instagram today to encourage others to ditch plastic.

Julia Bradbury took a video of herself in the shower and uploaded it on social media. The ex-Countryfile actress was seen in a swimsuit shampooing her hair as she spoke about the environmental benefits of plastic-free shampoo.

While cleaning her brunette locks, the 51-year-old wore a black button-down bikini and addressed her 101,000 fans.

When Julia put the video online, she termed it the “plastic-free shampoo bar test.”

As she went into the freezing water, the TV host pointed out that it wasn’t her shower.

She immediately turned off the water and rubbed her scalp to conserve water.

“Getting rid of plastic in the bathroom is difficult. Shampoo bars are a terrific alternative for everyone if they work for you,” she stated in the description of her Instagram image.

“This one is handcrafted in England by @gruum hq and is said to last 60 washes.

She remarked, “It doesn’t claim to be vegan or natural, but it definitely soaps up.”

The mother of three then went on to tag a number of well-known cosmetic firms in her post in the hopes of persuading them to use less plastic.

“Would be fantastic if we could get @lorealparis @palmoliveuk @revlon uk to commit to more plastic-free packaging/products,” she continued, before addressing the environmental damage caused by plastic pollution.

“We must halt the flow of plastic pollution: if current trends continue, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050, and just 9% of all plastic ever manufactured has been recycled.”

“Check out @nonplasticbeach and @andkeepshopping @livecocouk @thehealthylivingstore for sustainable, ethical, earth-friendly products,” Julia said, recommending @nonplasticbeach and @andkeepshopping @livecocouk @thehealthylivingstore.

Julia promised to test the condition bar later before signing off with the hashtags “#plasticfreebeauty #plasticalternative #plasticpollution #beauty #health #planet #shampoo #hair #test.”


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