Judy Murray – Sanjeev Kohli is brought in by BBC Scotland for lessons during lockdown


In order to promote learning at home during the lockdown, Judy Murray, Sanjeev Kohli and magician Kevin Quantum will help introduce educational material to students in Scotland.

The show, which will air on BBC Scotland and CBBC, will deliver Bitesize learning material exclusively for Scottish schoolchildren, for primary and secondary students, covering math, English, science and social issues.

BBC to broadcast lessons during lockdown for kids – here’s how you can watch it

In small spaces, Judy Murray will help students stay engaged, Sanjeev Kohli gives math fun, and the magician Kevin Quantum provides a unique look at science.

On topics such as health and weather, additional online content will also be offered.

When you train at home, we’re here for you and your family.

Scottish learners’ TV programs will debut on @bbcscotland beginning on Monday, January 11!
Many online tools are also available to explore.
Learn https://t.co/IZLJ6gfdsp with BBC Scotland
https://t.co/MuGIxCedFPP Bitesize
– January 6, 2021 BBC Scotland Learning (@BBCScotLearn)

BBC Scotland will broadcast Curriculum for Excellence content for primary and secondary students beginning on Monday, January 11, every weekday starting at 10 a.m.

On CBBC, Bitesize Daily will show numeracy, literacy and social issues for primary school children, including quizzes and word searches.

The series, some of which were produced under strict coronavirus restrictions before the pandemic and some in recent months, will air every weekday and will also be available on iPlayer.

This came after Scottish teachers faced pushback from the BBC as the initial lessons were based on the English curriculum.

However, during the second lockdown, lessons based on the Scottish curriculum will now also be transmitted.

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There is also a newly launched website for learners around Scotland where both English and Gaelic content – bbc.co.uk/lockdownlearningscotland – can be easily accessed with both current and new additional educational content available online, while BBC ALBA can also provide unique services for Gaelic learners.

BBC ALBA will provide a number of learning support services, which will be seen on regular CBeebies and CBBC ALBA programming, with all programs made available after broadcast via iPlayer.

“Ensuring that children across the UK have the opportunity to continue to follow the relevant core elements of their country’s school curriculum has been a key priority for the BBC over the past year,” said Tim Davie, BBC Director General.

“Education is absolutely vital – the BBC is here to play its part, and I’m delighted we’ve been able to bring this to audiences so quickly.”


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