Joy-Anna Duggar has been chastised for serving her son Gideon, three, and daughter Evy, one, large slices of pizza without cutting them up.


Joy-Anna Duggar was chastised for serving her son Gideon, 3, and daughter Evy, 1, huge pizza slices without cutting them up.

JOY-ANNA Duggar has been chastised for feeding her tiny toddlers MASSIVE pizza slices on the porch.

After allowing her infant to walk around a construction site without shoes, the Counting On star received backlash for her parenting skills.

Joy-Anna, 24, shared a sweet photo of her two children, Gideon, three, and Evelyn, one, on Instagram on Thursday.

The small children sat in beach chairs, smiling for the camera and eating pizza for dinner.

With a drooling emoji, the reality star captioned her post, “Pizza on the porch.”

Gideon and Evelyn, on the other hand, were seen eating HUGE slices of pizza without the assistance of her parents, which drew the attention of fans.

Many people took to Reddit to express their displeasure with the meal, with one user stating, “Massive slice for Evy, looks like a choking hazard…”

“That seems risky–like chopping up her food!” agreed a second.

“A one-year-old baby should not be eating a full-sized slice of pizza…. that’s ridiculous,” a third said.

Over the last few years, Joy-Anna has received a lot of flak for her decision-making abilities as a young parent.

The TV personality was slammed last week after snapping photos of her daughter walking around barefoot at her husband’s construction site.

The mother of two shared a sweet photo of herself standing in front of her husband Austin Forsyth’s construction site with Evelyn clutched to her chest.

A second photo showed the baby snuggling even closer to her mother, while a third showed Gideon, 3, sitting next to his sister with a binky in her mouth, grinning widely at the camera.

“I took both kids to check up on Austin’s job sites today!” Joy-Anna captioned the photos.

“It’s entertaining to accompany them and watch them explore and ask questions, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.”

“Being a mother has grown and stretched me more than anything,” she continued.

Despite Joy-Anna’s good intentions, fans were quick to zoom in on the three photos and notice something was off.

Evelyn was sitting on the construction site without her shoes, as several people noticed.

“I’m waiting for someone to comment on Evelyn’s lack of shoes,” one fan wrote, and they didn’t have to wait long for a Reddit thread to erupt.

“Every aspect in the picture is an accident waiting to happen because accidents happen when people don’t follow safety protocols,” another follower commented on the thread.

“If nails are involved in the activities where you and your children will be visiting, really protective shoes are in order,” a third added.

Joy-Anna clapped back at a troll who claimed her kids would be “married off by 18” earlier in November.

A sweet message was sent by the young mother, and…

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