Jonnie Peacock criticizes the BBC’s coverage of the Paralympics, saying, “It wouldn’t have moved forward.”


Jonnie Peacock criticizes the BBC’s coverage of the Paralympics, saying, “It wouldn’t have moved forward.”

In recent years, JONNIE PEACOCK has criticized the BBC’s coverage of the Paralympic Games in comparison to Channel 4’s, praising the latter for ensuring that the sports event “went forward.”

Since 2012, Paralympic gold winner Jonnie Peacock, 28, has lauded Channel 4’s coverage of the Paralympics.

The world champion sprinter also took aim at the BBC, alleging that they “wouldn’t have moved forward” if the channel had continued to cover the Paralympic Games.

Jonnie, who performed on the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing in 2017, said that while television has improved its portrayal of disability in recent years, most of this development can be attributed to Channel 4’s efforts.

When asked how things have evolved on television, Jonnie responded that representation has improved “every year.”

“Back in 2010, you wouldn’t see a disabled person on screen unless they were a villain; today Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing on Ice, and I’m a Celebrity…,” the athlete told the Radio Times last week. Every episode of Get Me Out of Here! has a disabled competitor.

“That’s something to be proud of for today’s children.”

“The exposure of disabled individuals today in the UK is 90% thanks to Channel 4,” the Team GB Paralympics star continued.

Jonnie continued, criticizing the BBC’s previous coverage of the Paralympics, saying, “If Paralympics coverage had stayed the way the BBC did it for years, it wouldn’t have progressed forward.”

“C4 is the best in terms of equality in general, and with each Paralympics, they get better and better.”

Jonnie also stated that having extra time after the Paralympic and Olympic Games were both postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak was beneficial to him.

“I’d undergone a knee operation, and that extra time was incredibly helpful for my rehab,” he told the publication.

“I didn’t have to rush anything and I was able to come back strong.”

Jonnie gave an update on his training since his return, saying, “I’m a little behind coming off a long layoff, but everything’s coming on.”

“Despite some terrible execution, I’ve put down some half-decent times, so there’s more in the tank.

“I ran three races the other day and my body was OK the next day.”

From August, the Paralympic Games will be shown live on Channel 4 and More 4. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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