Jonathan Ross revealed Lionfish as the star struggled to hide his voice on The Masked Singer.


Jonathan Ross exposed Lionfish as the star struggled to hide his voice on The Masked Singer.

Jonathan Ross revealed THE MASKED SINGER’S Lionfish, admitting that he struggled to hide his voice.

On Saturday’s episode of The Masked Singer, five more celebrities took to the stage in bizarre and wacky costumes to conceal their identities.

The ITV show was hosted by Joel Dommett, with judges Davina McCall, Rita Ora, Jonathan Ross, and Mo Gilligan attempting to guess who was hiding behind the masks.

When the votes were tallied, Lionfish and Firework were forced to sing again.

In the end, the judges chose to save Firework, revealing Lionfish’s identity.

Judge Jonathan Ross and viewers at home had already figured out who the celebrity was before the celebrity’s face was revealed.

“Lionfish sounded a little like Will Young, and his last album was all covers by female artists?” David wrote on social media, sharing his theories.

“Omg the Lionfish is my will young!!!! I recognize that voice anywhere,” Katie wrote on Twitter.

“Will Young’s father’s name is Robin,” Mitchell added.

Emma remarked, “Doesn’t Lionfish sound like Will Young trying desperately to hide his very distinctive voice?!?”

“Lionfish could be Will Young?” said Lionfish.

“All I can hear is Lionfish is 100% Will young,” Nia wrote.

Rita Ora, meanwhile, had changed her mind and agreed with Jonathan that the Evergreen hitmaker was the culprit.

Davina predicted Macey Gray, while Mo thought it was Little Britain’s David Walliams.

Will admitted to Jonathan that he struggled to hide his voice when he finally removed his mask.

Will admitted, “I was most concerned about you, Jonathan, hearing my voice.”

“Trying to hide it was extremely difficult.”

“It’s also been a once-in-a-lifetime chance.”

It was an incredible opportunity to take on this challenge.”

“I swore at the Golden Jubilee during soundcheck,” Will explained when Davina asked him to explain his royal clue.

Will’s movements on stage, Jonathan continued, were what gave him away.

The judges saved Firework during Saturday night’s show, so their identity is safe for the time being.

Many fans believe Kerry Katona, the former Atomic Kitten star, is behind the mask.

Poodle, Rockhopper, Traffic Cone, Panda, and Bagpipes will be the final characters to perform next weekend.


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