JoJo Siwa just proved to the Nickelodeon brand how important she is


It may be unique to the JoJo Siwa brand, but you can not deny that it is very popular.

With her likeness, the colourful teen has influenced board games, dolls, accessories and more.

She has also used her platform to begin a career in music, touring across the globe in different cities and performing sold-out shows for her loyal fans.

She has accumulated an impressive net worth of $14 million thanks to Siwa’s kid-friendly brand, before even hitting the legal age of majority.

With her over-the-top energy, vibrant costumes and anti-bullying brand, the “Dance Moms” alum has created a big following. Although the “Boomerang” singer has been called “juvenile,” by some critics, no one can deny that what Siwa is doing is proving successful.

Fans of JoJo Siwa show anger at JoJo’s Juice board game on TikTok

Unfortunately for Siwa, the reputation of their name was recently challenged by a new board game.

Fans on TikTok found that there were some inappropriate questions in a game called JoJo’s Juice, advertised for kids ages 6 and up. Questions about cheating, going to prison, nudity, dating, kissing, and more were some of the items that elicited a negative response from parents. Parents, angered, started to condemn Siwa for taking part in the game because they thought it did not suit their child-friendly image.

Ex-boyfriend JoJo Siwa defends against online hate;’ I still have his back’

Seeing the comments, Siwa took to her Instagram page to discuss the board game’s backlash directly. “Over the weekend, it was brought to my attention by my fans and followers on TikTok that my name and image were being used to promote this board game that has some really inappropriate content,” began Siwa.

The alum of ‘Dance Mothers’ explores the criticism

Well, they don’t review every aspect with me when companies make these games, so I had no idea about the kinds of questions that were on these game cards,”Well, when companies make these games, they don’t review every aspect with me, so I had no idea about the types of questions that were on these game cards,” When I saw it for the first time, I was very, very, very upset at how gross the questions were, so I immediately brought it to the attention of Nickelodeon.

And they have been working since then to get the game discontinued and also removed off all the shelves everywhere it is sold.

The “Dance Moms” alum also added that she would never have agreed to it if she had realized how inappropriate the game was. I hope you all know that if I had seen these cards before they began selling them, I would never, ever have agreed to be associated with this game,”I hope you all know that I would have never, ever agreed to be associated with this game if I had seen these cards before they started selling it,” “All of you I love so much.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention so that I could quickly put a stop to it and get it fixed. I love you all so much and I hope you’ve got a wonderful 2021.

To find a solution, Nickelodeon jumped to Siwa’s side.

Nickelodeon and Spin Master (who made the game JoJo’s Juice) issued a joint statement shortly after Siwa’s statement stating that the game will no longer be made.

They also added that all stores who sold the board game would be approached to suggest that JoJo’s Juice be removed from shelves so that no other kids would come into contact with it.

“We respect and value the relationship between JoJo Siwa and her fans and take the concerns that have been raised about the ‘JoJo’s Juice’ game very seriously,” the statement read. “This game is being discontinued and we have asked retailers to remove all remaining products from their shelves.” Obviously, Siwa and her fans are a valuable part of the Nickelodeon brand.

It’s clear that their relationship is very beneficial, considering how easily the company was able to fight for the dancer and solve the problem.


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