John Whaite of Strictly Come Dancing is ‘desperate to win the show’ because he’secretly fears coming second.’


John Whaite of Strictly Come Dancing is ‘desperate to win the show’ because he’secretly fears coming second.’

EXCLUSIVE: John Whaite, the star of Strictly Come Dancing, isn’t just eager to lift the glitterball trophy; a body language expert has spotted hidden clues that he’s terrified of losing the competition.

Although John Whaite is desperate to win Strictly, a body language expert believes he may be concealing a fear of losing the show.

He won The Great British Bake Off in 2012, so the TV chef knows a thing or two about winning a televised competition.

Week after week on BBC One’s dance show, he’s shown off his impressive dancing abilities, earning tons of points from the judges with his dance partner, Johannes Radebe.

John and Johannes have already made history on the show by becoming Strictly’s first all-male dancing duo.

Inbaal Honigman, a body language expert, gave Brinkwire exclusive insight into the celebrity.

Inbaal observed the star’s physical behavior, such as his facial expressions, body posture, and other movements.

To begin, Inbaal noted that when John smiles, stretches out his shoulders, and “claims his space” on the dancefloor, he demonstrates his confidence as a performer.

When it comes to the judges’ scores, however, John appears to “lapse into anxiety,” as evidenced by some telltale signs.

“He claims his space on the dance floor, as a performer in his own right – and his steps and Johannes’s match so beautifully, that you’d be forgiven for mistaking this illustrious TV chef and baker for a real-life professional dancer at times,” she said.

“It’s surprising to see him lapse into anxiety when the scores are announced because his body language screams ‘confidence!’ in his broad smile and stretched shoulders.

“This is when we see the clasped hands and covered mouth, revealing that underneath it all, this very accomplished high-achiever isn’t as invincible as he appears.”

Inbaal went on to say that John is a “high achiever by nature” who walks confidently like a man “accustomed to success.”

But he might be afraid of losing beneath the surface, and it’s all visible in his eyes, which could reveal the “hidden truth.”

“John is a high achiever by nature,” she continued, “but what drives him? What motivates him to keep pushing forward?”

“He walks tall and confidently, as if he’s been successful before.”

He has no qualms about taking up space and letting.

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