John Mulaney’s Insightful Talk Show Concepts and Their Relationship to ‘The Sack Lunch Bunch’


Comedians make great talk show hosts and John Mulaney once shared a couple of ideas about his own show – specifically the kinds of guests he’d like to chat with.

And it sounds like he wouldn’t necessarily follow the typical formula.

What kind of people does Mulaney think about interviewing? And what do those ideas have to do with “John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch”?

Netflix’s ‘John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch’

Fans of Netflix’s special “John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch” know that Mulaney seems to have a lot of inquisitiveness about different perspectives on life and death at various ages.

The special is a variety show that features a cast of kids — along with Mulaney and a few guest stars — and they all talk about death and fear.

He once noted that he doesn’t give off “Barney the dinosaur energy” but he does respect children for the “amount of complex thought they can handle,” and that shows in the special.

So, he likes to interact with people from different backgrounds and age groups, and that seems like a perfect quality for hosting a talk show.

But what kind of show would he host?

John Mulaney has some talk show ideas

Mulaney is great at stand-up, which seems to translate well to hosting talk shows.

And he’s apparently thought about that, maybe just not in the mainstream sense.

“I always wanted to do a talk show where the guest is always someone from a job that I don’t understand,” he told GQ in 2020.

As an example, he listed a few questions and comments he has for a dog catcher. He wondered, “What is that like? How do you feel about yourself? I’m not judging, but I am a little. How do you feel rounding up dogs and taking them to the pound?”

Mulaney’s sentiments are understandable because many television viewers have been hurt by commercials with sad dogs in cages.

But it’s important to note that well-trained dog catchers have essential jobs for at-risk animals – something one could talk to Mulaney about on his theoretical show.

But that just illuminates how the idea could lead to an interesting conversation!

To add more details, Mulaney noted he would interview “people who do anything that interests” him.

To be clear, he said, “I don’t mean like on the ground and I’m watching them do their job. It would be like a talk show… Brinkwire Entertainment short news.


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