John Laurie of Dad’s Army isn’t impressed with the iconic BBC series ‘Load of Rubbish.’


The iconic BBC series ‘Load of Rubbish’ has left John Laurie ‘unimpressed.’

According to reports, DAD’S ARMY star John Laurie was “unimpressed” with the BBC comedy show’s script and told show writers Croft and Perry that he didn’t think it would make it past the first season.

Fans of Dad’s Army got an inside look at the ups and downs of making the iconic BBC series during a recent Channel 5 documentary.

The Secret Lives of Dad’s Army followed the casting of the magnificent seven, the rivalries that arose, and the series’ conclusion.

After being approached to star in the show, Scotsman Private Fraser star John Laurie was reportedly unimpressed with the script and had little faith in its success.

Despite the fact that the BBC show first aired 50 years ago, Dad’s Army is still one of Britain’s most popular sitcoms.

Sergeant Wilson was to be played by John Le Mesurier, who was the first to be cast because he was seen as natural BBC material for the part.

Arthur Lowe, who had previously appeared on ITV’s Coronation Street, was chosen by writer Jimmy Perry for the role of Captain Mannering.

However, the popular soap opera had given him the opportunity to showcase his talent for portraying characters with a variety of accents, and he was quickly cast on the show.

The cast’s two linchpins were soon in place, and the focus shifted to the rest of the ensemble.

When John Laurie, a veteran Shakespearean actor, was approached to play Private Fraser, a wild-eyed Scotsman, he wasn’t impressed with the script.

“We’re doomed, doomed!” he exclaimed.

“During the script meeting that the actors had, John Laurie was going around to the writers saying, ‘This is a load of rubbish,'” Graham McCann, author of Dad’s Army: The Story of a Very British Comedy, said.

“This isn’t going to get past the first series, and they just built that sense of doom into Fraser, and it really built up the part.”

Clive Dunn played Lance Corporal Jones, and the magnificent seven were completed by Ian Lavender as Private Pike, Arnold Ridley as Godfrey, and James Beck as Walker.

Dads Army’s first season.

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