John Barnes is savaged by a Doncaster caller who says, “Primadonnas need to get themselves vaccinated.”


John Barnes is savaged by a Doncaster caller who says, “Primadonnas need to get themselves vaccinated.”

A caller on Jeremy Vine grilled JOHN BARNES, telling him that “primadonnas need to get themselves vaccinated” against COVID-19 due to the vaccine’s low adoption among Premier League footballers.

During Thursday’s episode of Jeremy Vine, former England footballer John Barnes was savaged by an enraged caller about Premier League footballers’ low uptake of the coronavirus vaccine. Ian, the caller, cautioned the football great that if he did not get vaccinated, he “may pass the infection on to anyone.”

During a Channel 5 show, Jeremy Vine termed the 30% uptake of Premier League players obtaining the coronavirus vaccine as “awful.”

Ian, a caller, wanted to know if England footballer Marcus Rashford should utilize his position to encourage more players to get vaccinated.

The caller, on the other hand, poured his rage on John, which caught the former footballer off guard.

“I think it’s horrible,” Ian told Jeremy, “and I think Marcus Rashford should spend more time persuading his teammates to get vaccinated rather than getting involved in Government policy regarding benefits and whatever.”

“He did a nice job with the foodbanks, I agree,” Amanda Owen says of Ravenseat’s pregnancy. “But it’s about time that the primadonnas, who are footballers, started listening to the public and got themselves vaccinated.”

Ian then slammed John for informing viewers that Premier League footballers don’t mix with the general populace.

“And for John Barnes to say they’re not mixing with the public – what about the training and admin personnel who work there 24 hours a day?” he fumed.

They’re associating with them and with the general population, so it might be passed on to anyone.”

“Well, make it mandatory for them to do that,” John said, reflecting on the caller’s statements.

“I’m not going to be a moral compass and say, ‘If you don’t do it, I’ll let you off the hook, but if you don’t do it, I’ll chastise you.’ Simply make it mandatory.” “Ian, if they made it mandatory, you’d have to declare such and such a player won’t be able to play because they’ve refused the vaccine,” Jeremy added. Peston’s situation is critical. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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