John and Yoko Ono’s rare cassette recording sells for £43,000.


John and Yoko Ono’s rare cassette recording sells for £43,000.

A RARE John Lennon and Yoko Ono cassette recording has been auctioned for £43,000.

Radio Peace, an unreleased song, is included on the 33-minute recording.

Just before the Fab Four split, Lennon expresses his dissatisfaction with his Beatles image.

The tape was made in January 1970 while John and Yoko were in Jutland, Denmark, to visit Ono’s daughter Kyoko, who resided nearby with her father.

Because they were interested in the couple’s peace campaign, four 16-year-old “hippies” persuaded their teacher to allow them to attend a news conference with them. However, due to the snow, they were late.

Despite this, the guys and a few other late journalists were permitted in. Karsten Hoejen recorded the meeting, while Jesper Jungersen snapped pictures.

“Their feet on the table in their woollen socks,” Karsten recalled of Lennon and Ono. The duo took part in a Danish custom and danced around a Christmas tree at one point.

Give Peace A Chance was written by John Lennon, who was assassinated in New York in 1980. He and Yoko Ono, now 88, performed Radio Peace, a short theme song for a never-opened radio station. Yesterday, the cassette, a school newspaper, and 23 images were auctioned off in Copenhagen.


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