Joe and Love were expecting a baby girl, as you explained in season three.


Joe and Love were expecting a baby girl, as you explained in season three.

Season 3 of YOU will be available on Netflix soon, and viewers are confused about a major plotline. Was it Joe and Love’s intention for their child to be a girl?

You season three will premiere on Netflix on October 15, with a new twist in the release date announcement. The name of Joe’s (Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn’s (Victoria Pedretti) kid was revealed throughout the video. The couple chose the name Henry for their baby boy, but fans believe they were expecting a daughter.

Fans of the show were overjoyed to learn that season three would premiere on October 15.

Joe is heard chatting to his unborn kid as he bakes him a cake, saying, “Welcome baby Henry,” in the frightening footage.

For fans who had been wondering what the married couple would name their child, the name reveal was momentous.

Needless to say, they were disappointed by the name’s simplicity, but season three will hopefully reveal its significance.

Another factor that perplexes them is the fact that Love gave birth to a boy rather than a girl.

“I’m confused…,” one admirer wrote on Twitter.

You all say it’s a boy, but Joe says he’s having a girl at the end of season two.” [Sic]

They then shared a link to a video of Joe moving into his new home with Love from season two’s last scene.

“I’m ready to meet my daughter, I’m ready to be the nice parent I never had,” he is overheard saying.

“To create the family I’ve always wanted and that she deserves. It’s interesting how fate works.”

Joe was prepared to attack Love when she announced she was pregnant in the second season, if fans recall.

She’d done a pregnancy test and, while she didn’t know the baby’s gender at the moment, she assumed it was a girl.

Joe becomes enamored with the idea of becoming a parent after that, and he is overheard chatting about his baby daughter.

Given this, it appears that, while the couple had a feeling it would be a girl, it was never confirmed.

When they finally learned the gender of the baby, they discovered they were expecting a boy.

Joe is seen saying in the third season teaser trailer that a boy “was not.” Brinkwire Summary News


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