Jodie Whittaker’s departure, which has been dubbed “among the worst in history,” has dealt a devastating blow to Doctor Who.


Jodie Whittaker’s departure, which has been dubbed “among the worst in history,” has dealt a devastating blow to Doctor Who.

Doctor Who has suffered a devastating blow ahead of Jodie Whittaker’s departure, which has been called “among the worst in history.”

The New Year’s Day special of DOCTOR WHO, in one of Jodie Whittaker’s final appearances as the Time Lord, reportedly received the lowest ratings to date.

In the most recent episode of Doctor Who, titled Eve Of The Daleks, the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), Dan (John Bishop), and Yaz (Mandip Gill) were trapped in a loop in which they were constantly being exterminated by Daleks.

The special, on the other hand, had “among the lowest ratings in the show’s history,” according to reports.

In 2018, Jodie’s first episode as the Time Lord drew nine million viewers, but the New Year’s Day special’s ratings were significantly lower.

Doctor Who’s most recent episode drew only 3.4 million viewers.

It comes as showrunner Russell T Davies returns to the series after a 12-year hiatus in an attempt to save the BBC sci-fi drama, which has struggled to find an audience.

“Jodie’s legacy is leaving behind some of the lowest viewing numbers in the show’s long history,” a source explained.

“Even though more people are watching catch-up programming, the drop in viewers since 2018 hasn’t been offset.”

The purchaser of A Place in the Sun has a nervous breakdown as a result of the relocation.

“Plus, the BBC has always regarded Doctor Who as ‘event television,’ bringing the entire family together at once.”

They told The Sun, “However, this does not appear to be the case.”

The most recent ratings data is for those who watched the terrifying ‘time loop’ special live on the day of its debut.

Next week, the final ratings will be released, which will include viewers who watched on catch-up or recorded.

The latest series’ episodes, according to the Telegraph, drew in less than 5 million viewers.

“Doctor Who is one of the most popular shows on BBC iPlayer, with 50 million streams in the last year and seven million so far for the latest series, as audiences increasingly value the ability to watch it when and where they want,” a BBC spokesperson said.

Doctor Who’s viewership has been steadily declining for the past half-decade, according to reports last year.

Jodie is set to appear in three specials in 2022, all of which will be the final appearances of her Tardis tenure.

Mandip Gill, who portrays Yaz on Doctor Who, says, ‘Surprise.’

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