Jodie Comer, the star of Killing Eve, has been disturbed by a French stalker who has vowed to kill her.


Jodie Comer, the star of Killing Eve, has been disturbed by a French stalker who has vowed to kill her.

JODIE COMER has apparently been left “terrified” after receiving unsettling social media messages from a French stalker threatening to harm her.

Jodie Comer, 28, of Killing Eve, is claimed to be disturbed after telling police about some alarming messages she got on Instagram from a French stalker. According to reports, the suspected stalker threatened to kill Jodie in communications made in June.

A 44-year-old guy is being held by police in France after armed policemen reportedly raided his home in response to the actress’s fears.

One of the social media user’s concerning posts, according to those close to the case, threatened Jodie: “I am going to England to create mayhem.”

Several scary threats were sent via social media to the Villanelle star and her family, according to The Sun.

The suspect allegedly contacted members of Jodie’s extended family and sent messages to their personal email accounts, according to sources.

The sender was located in the northern French city of Roubaix, according to technical specialists.

The guy was then apprehended by armed officers in a dawn raid.

Following his detention, he was brought into custody as a prosecutor in Lille launched an inquiry.

According to French sources, Jodie has been kept up to date on the case’s developments and has enhanced her security.

Cops investigated the suspect’s residence and examined any electronic devices located on the premises.

“We were approached by British police on June 30 and requested to conduct inquiries,” a French police source in Roubaix said. As a result, a 44-year-old local man was arrested.

“The inquiry is still underway, but it concerns threats and harassment directed against British actress Jodie Comer via social media.”

A representative for Jodie has been approached for comment by this publication.

It comes following Jodie’s social media silence in recent months.

The actress frequently keeps her 1.8 million Instagram fans up to date on her personal and professional life.

However, between June 7 and July 20, she didn’t post for six weeks, during which time authorities on both sides of the Channel were investigating the incident.

Jodie has also set a limit on how many comments are allowed on her Instagram page, as well as who can remark on her postings.

Jodie returned to Instagram yesterday to repost this image of fellow Liverpudlian Katarina. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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