‘JOCO’ – the joy of cancelled outings – has been experienced by more than seven out of ten Britons.


‘JOCO’ – the joy of cancelled outings – has been experienced by nearly seven out of ten Britons.

According to a study, more than seven out of ten Britons have experienced “JOCO” – the joy of canceled outings.

We’ve all done it: agreed to meet someone or participate in an activity only to regret it later.

Then something wonderful happens: the gathering is canceled.

For this reason, a new term has been coined: “JOCO.”

Unfortunately for those polled, it’s a rare occurrence, with 77 percent saying they only see it once a month or less.

According to a survey of 2,000 adults, up to 58 percent of those who agreed to a social plan later regretted it.

A third has made plans that will never come to fruition.

“It’s a wonderful feeling, when something you weren’t looking forward to gets cancelled,” a spokesman for Checkinstays.com said.

“You don’t want to come across as a bad friend by always saying no, but you’d much rather be alone.”

We coined the term JOCO because it is something that millions of people can relate to.

A spokeswoman for Checkinstays.com

“JOCO is a term that millions of people can relate to, which is why we coined it.

“However, canceling plans isn’t always easy when you have things planned, which is something to think about.”

According to the survey, 52 percent of people are more relieved than ever before when events are canceled, with nearly one in ten canceling plans at least once a week.

And 82% of people have been known to cancel plans at the last minute, with 53% lying about why they did so.

Another 38% have an average of three friends who always cancel plans at the last minute.

“I’m sick,” “a family emergency,” and “my schedule is hectic” are among the most common excuses they use, despite the fact that a third of adults rarely believe them.

Brits are most relieved when nights out, pub trips with a large group of people, and birthday parties are postponed or canceled, according to the study conducted by OnePoll.

Simpler occasions, on the other hand, have emerged as the most popular social events, such as nights in, meals out, and coffee catch-ups.

It was also revealed that a third of the people have lost their average.

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