Job of a lifetime! How to make £24k by playing with puppies


Job of a lifetime! How to make £24k by playing with puppies

DOG lovers are being urged to apply for a job that requires the lucky applicant to spend all day playing with pups while earning £24,000.

The fantasy job title of chief puppy officer is advertised on, a pet business in Manchester that manufactures personalized gifts. This position will be in charge of keeping dogs entertained and pampered. The chosen candidate will be in charge of giving the best tummy tickles and strokes, as well as getting dogs to photoshoots on time so they can get their close-ups.

Market research is one of the requirements, which entails providing written comments on Yappy’s items, which include toys, bandanas, treats, and accessories, in order to increase sales.

Yappy creates gifts for owners and their four-legged pets that can be customized to look like any of the more than 420 dog breeds.

What’s the best part? There isn’t any catch! It certainly sounds like the ideal 9-to-5 job for animal lovers.

Assuring that the VIPs (very important pups) are always happy, entertained, comfortable, and safe.

Using the office dogs to conduct market research on a variety of Yappy items.

Adapting the everyday activities of the dogs to the personalities of the dogs

Providing the best toys, treats, play, and relaxation for its dog family as needed

The ideal individual

Obsessed with dogs! There’s proof in the form of a camera roll full of puppies.

Exceptional dog handling skills and an intuitive grasp of their needs

Expert degree of tummy tickler experience

⦁ Fully committed to providing Yappy’s dog family with the finest possible “dog days.”

Click here to apply if this sounds like your ideal job.


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