JK Rowling’s stand on transgender issues is defended by Eddie Izzard


Comedian Eddie Izzard, the artist who identifies herself as “gender fluid,” says she doesn’t think JK Rowling is transphobic, following an outcry against the author’s remarks on trans issues.

Since last June, when she mocked a headline containing the inclusive expression “people who menstruate,” Ms. Rowling has been involved in a trans controversy.

Since then, the Edinburgh-based writer vehemently denies being transphobic, has spoken out many times on transgender rights, and wrote an article on the topic that Harry Potter stars such as Daniel Radcliffe have opposed.

A 58-year-old stand-up who claims she doesn’t mind being identified as “he” or “she,” Izzard has now called for more judgement on the role of the Harry Potter author on transgender issues.

The best-selling author defends the right to transform, but has raised concerns that some trans activists are following policies that contradict what it means to be a woman.

‘I don’t think JK Rowling is transphobic,’ Izzard said. I think we need to look at the stuff in her blog that she wrote about. Women in history have been through hell. Trans persons were invisible, too.

I hate the thought that we are competing with each other, but with the wave of a magic wand, that can’t be solved. I haven’t got all the answers. If people don’t agree with me, all right – so why do we go through the hell about it? ”

Izzard said, “I didn’t push for it,” about being named a “she/her” in last month’s Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year collection, which made headlines. That isn’t a big deal. For 35 years, I’ve been out. When I was named ‘she/her’ in Swansea (2019) at my honorary degree ceremony, no one cared…. I don’t mind if they call me ‘she’ and ‘she,’ that’s great-or ‘he’ and ‘him,’ that’s great. I prefer to be called Eddie, which covers it all. I’m flexible in gender.

After reacting to an article titled “Creating a more equal post-Covid 19 world for people who menstruate.” Ms. Rowling was accused of being transphobic.

She tweeted, “People who menstruate.” I’m sure that for these people there used to be a word. Is someone willing to help me out? To Wumben? From Wimpund? Woomud? Huh? ”

She defended her remarks, saying, “There is no same-sex attraction if sex is not real.”

“If sex is not real, the lived reality of women worldwide is erased. I know and love trans people, but erasing the concept of sex takes away the ability of many to have meaningful discussions about their lives. There is no hate in telling the truth.”

The producers of the West End musical Six declined to appear on the same BBC Radio 2 show as Ms. Rowling in November. Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss said that before she made attempts to “make amends with the trans community.” they would not appear with the Harry Potter author.

Network Rail was overwhelmed with grievances in October after they removed a poster for J.K. Rowling at the station in Edinburgh Waverley.

The poster, which cost £ 1,200 to mount, endorsed the transgender rights of the author and was displayed in July at the station.

“acceptance code,”acceptance code,”does not permit advertising likely to support or promote one point of view over another.”does not authorize advertising that is likely to support or promote one point of view over another.

In the past, Izzard has described himself as a transvestite and often wears clothing, makeup, heels and jewelry both on and off stage.

She described herself as a “a lesbian trapped in a man’s body” and said that she felt like “a complete boy plus half a girl.”


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