Jinyoung of GOT7 participates in the Vibin Challenge, and supporters refer to Youngjae as “the favorite child.”


Jinyoung of GOT7 participates in the Vibin Challenge, and supporters refer to Youngjae as “the favorite child.”

Jinyoung makes Youngjae his favorite child by doing the Vibin challenge after ignoring all other dance challenges from the other members of GOT7.

With Youngjae’s Vibin Challenge, the septet of Game of Thrones has finally been completed. Since GOT7’s seven-year contract with JYP Entertainment came to an end, all seven members of the group have been scheduled and busy with their individual schedules. As the members moved on to new endeavors, they made it obvious that they were all still members of the GOT7 group of seven. With the release of ‘Encore,’ a self-produced track, members of GOT7 reaffirmed the fans’ faith in the group, who had been wondering if it would end.

Over the previous few months, members of GOT7 have started releasing their own individual songs, with each member releasing singles or debuting standalone albums. Youngjae was the most recent member to release a solo album, ‘COLORS from Ars,’ a seven-track colorful album with the title single ‘Vibin.’ The song was promoted with a dance challenge called the ‘Vibin Challenge,’ but fans couldn’t wait to watch the six members of GOT7 take part in it with their sunshine, Youngjae.

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The cast of Game of Thrones is one huge happy family.

The group’s friendship grew so strong over the years that Jay B, the group’s leader, was dubbed the ‘Father of the Group,’ while Jinyoung was dubbed the ‘Mom of the Group.’ Jay B and Jinyoung were both married and have five children together. Mark was the peaceful middle child, while Jackson’s childish antics earned him the moniker “fake maknae.” Youngjae, the maknae line’s eldest member, was followed by troublemakers Bambam and Yugyeom.

With this happy family in mind, many have speculated that Jinyoung may participate in the Vibin challenge to demonstrate his support for Youngjae’s record. Jinyoung was the last member to join in and vibe with Youngjae after all five members had completed the challenge. Youngjae first met Bambam and Yugyeom when the maknae line completed the Vibin challenge together at AOMG’s dance studio, Yugyeom’s current label. After that, Youngjae met Jay B in person and the two completed the challenge together.

Sine Mark is currently in Los Angeles, and he helped Youngjae by participating in the Tiktok challenge. They’re youngjae. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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