Jimmy, the star of Yellowstone, shares an unscripted goodbye moment: ‘Really hard to leave.’


Jimmy, the star of Yellowstone, shares an unscripted goodbye moment.

The heartbreaking finale of YELLOWSTONE season four said goodbye to young cowboy Jimmy Hurdstrom, but part of his exit wasn’t in the original script.

Last week, the fourth season of Yellowstone came to a close, leaving many questions unanswered.

Cast member Jefferson White has opened up about saying goodbye to the popular Paramount Network series as the Duttons prepare for a new fight to protect their land in a yet-to-be-announced fifth installment.

Jimmy (Jefferson White) returns to say his final goodbyes to his bunkhouse crew in the season finale, only to start making jokes about Colby’s (Denim Richards) mother.

“Actually, I’m gonna see you Thanksgiving at your mother’s house,” he tells Colby as he walks out the door.

Jefferson has now revealed that his farewell remark was not in Taylor Sheridan’s script.

On Paramount’s Stories from the Bunkhouse, he recalled, “The Colby’s mum Thanksgiving joke was something I threw in in rehearsal.”

“Taylor seemed to like it after that.”

Jimmy returned to Montana with his new fiancée Emily (Kathryn Kelly) in Episode 10 with the intention of repaying Yellowstone owner John Dutton (Kevin Costner) for his debts.

John, on the other hand, surprised Jimmy by sending him on his way, assuring him that he owes the ranch nothing and that he’ll always have a place to stay.

Jimmy then said his farewells to the other ranchers, presumably to oversee the upcoming spin-off based on the 6666 Ranch in Texas.

“Did you ask Colby before you said that?” Jefferson’s co-star demanded.

Jefferson joked, “I asked Colby’s mom.”

“And she said ‘Yes!'” says the narrator.

It’s still unclear whether Jimmy will make a return to the show in any capacity.

The Yellowstone breakout star’s new home on the Paramount Network could be the 6666 spin-off, but the series’ full cast list has yet to be announced.

Jimmy’s departure from the ranch has so far been regarded as his final farewell, even by the show’s leading man.

“For me, it was really bittersweet to be in that truck and be pulling away from all of y’all,” he told his co-stars Denim and Ian.


“Your life continues as usual, but Jimmy is driving off into the great unknown.”

Jimmy was assured by John that he was always welcome back on the ranch, so there’s a chance he’ll pop.

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