Jimmy Stewart is ‘terrified’ of Cole Hauser off-camera. ‘What did I do?!’ he exclaims.


Jimmy Stewart is ‘terrified’ of Cole Hauser off-camera. ‘What did I do?!’ he exclaims.

Jefferson White, who plays Rip Wheeler, the cruel boss of the Dutton ranch, has acknowledged that his fellow cast member intimidates him.

Following the shooting of his boss John Dutton (Kevin Costner) in the latest season of the popular Paramount Western, Yellowstone’s fearless head ranch hand Rip Wheeler (played by Cole Hauser) will be on a mission for vengeance. When Rip is around, though, Hauser’s co-stars concede that the ranch’s extensive list of foes aren’t the only ones peering over their shoulders.

Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy Hurdstram on the TV show Yellowstone, has recounted some of his co-aggressive star’s behavior behind the scenes.

Since the first season, White’s character has been at odds with John Dutton’s right-hand man, and is known as the naive newcomer to Dutton Ranch.

Despite the fact that Rip’s underling plainly respects his tough-as-nails employer, the ranch manager isn’t afraid to humiliate Jimmy verbally and physically to get him to work.

Jefferson White claimed that when the cameras aren’t filming, Hauser keeps his character’s more rowdy behaviors during a conversation with other bunkhouse boys Denim Richards and Ian Bohen.

“One time we’re in between scenes, like they’re setting up lights,” he told his co-stars.

“Hey Jeff, get here, get here,” Cole says. When I get over there, he grabs the back of my neck and pulls me in.

“I’m like, ‘Oh f**k, what was I thinking?’ Is he… what’s going to happen?’

A lecture from Rip Wheeler usually means you’re a split second away from a trip to the hospital in the series.

Cole Hauser was simply fooling around with his Yellowstone pals, and Jefferson White hadn’t summoned Rip’s wrath this time.

“Did you see where they bought the coffee?” he continued. ‘Where is the coffee?’

Clearly, even when he’s only looking for a drink to keep him awake between shoots, the Yellowstone star doesn’t like to go too far out of character.

The rest of Jefferson White’s bunkhouse crew weighed in on Hauser’s committed portrayal as Rip.


“He becomes so immersed,” said Denim Richards, the bunkhouse’s Colby.

“You have a tendency to listen. When he gives you advise, you tend to pay close attention to what he says.”

According to Richards, once each season’s filming is through, Hauser returns to his normal personality.

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