Jimmy Carr hands out a £18,000 jackpot after the I Literally Just Told You error.


Jimmy Carr awards a £18,000 jackpot after the I Literally Just Told You gaffe.

On his show, I Literally Just Told You, JIMMY CARR had to admit to making a mistake, which resulted in the comedian giving away the jackpot.

Since its premiere on Channel 4 on December 16, Jimmy Carr, 49, has hosted the new British game show I Literally Just Told You.

Jimmy had to admit to a major show error three weeks ago, which forced him to give away the £18,000 jackpot prize.

You must accept responsibility for your errors.

Jimmy Carr is a British actor who has appeared in

Several of the show’s questions are multiple-choice general knowledge questions.

The majority of the questions, however, are memory-based recall questions about facts and events from earlier in the episode.

In a previous episode, Eddy, a Glasgow-based Sainsbury’s employee, lost the lottery after miscalculating Ariana Grande’s age.

Because Ariana’s age was never mentioned earlier in the show, Jimmy “owned the mistake.”

Three weeks later, Eddy was brought on stage at one of Jimmy’s shows and presented with a large check.

“Now I’ve got something to tell you, I’ve got something to confess,” the host of 8 Out Of 10 Cats said.

“You blew the money on a trivia question – Ariana Grande’s age.

“We talked about her age, but we never told you her exact age, so we made a mistake.”

“And when you make a mistake in life, you have to own up to it.”

“Here is a £18,000 check.”

As he accepted the cash, an overjoyed Eddy was applauded by the crowd.

Jimmy’s new show pits contestants against one another for the chance to win money for their favorite charities, with the celebrity edition premiering last night.

Nick Knowles recently criticized Jimmy’s new show’s concept for pitting charities against one another.

“So Jimmy Carr’s ‘I literally just told you’ plays off charities against each other to go home with nothing so three important charities took part tonight but received no cash at all,” the DIY SOS star tweeted last Thursday in front of his 159,800 followers.

“There was only one person who received money.”

I’m not sure I enjoy pitting charities against one another for the sake of entertainment.”

“Same with The Weakest Link, I believe sir!” CalsyChat responded.

“Then I’m unhappy with that as well – I recently did Catch because the charity gets what you win,” Nick replied.

“All celebrity game shows I’ve seen,” BernRobMidd continued.

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