Jimmie Allen’s one-month-old daughter has been rushed to the hospital.


Jimmie Allen’s one-month-old daughter has been rushed to the hospital.

Right now, Jimmie Allen and his wife, Alexis Gale, are dealing with every parent’s worst nightmare.

Allen revealed on Tuesday night that his one-month-old daughter Zara was rushed to the hospital after she had a “hard time breathing.” While the country singer stated that his daughter is recovering thanks to an “amazing EMT team,” he also stated that the family will have a “rough night” ahead as their little one recovers.

On Tuesday night, Allen took to Twitter to share some concerning information about his newborn daughter.

He first went after a doctor who checked on his daughter’s health.

Allen was irritated by a doctor who only checked his daughter’s heart and temperature without conducting a thorough examination.

They told the doctor that their daughter was having trouble breathing, but they didn’t seem to care about their concerns about her health, according to the country singer.

“Your job is to save lives, so do it,” he wrote at the end of his message.

Doctors, if the parent of your one-month-old patient informs you that the child is having difficulty breathing and all your lazy self wants to do is check the heart, heart rate, and temperature, find another profession.

It is your responsibility to save people’s lives, so go ahead and do it.

Zara has lost color, stopped breathing, and is being rushed to another hospital, thanks to the incompetent doctors at a Tennessee hospital who just sent our daughter home.

Zara can breathe again thanks to the amazing EMT team who restored her color.

It’ll be a long night.

Allen later tweeted that Zara had “lost color” and “stopped breathing” as a result of the “lazy doctors” who had previously looked after her, and that he and his wife had to rush her to another hospital.

He did express his gratitude to the “amazing EMT team” who “brought back Zara’s color,” as well as the fact that the little one can now “breath again,” though he warned that she would have a “rough night” as she recovers.

At this time, Allen hasn’t provided any additional information about his daughter’s health.

Allen and Gale welcomed their first child in October, while he was still competing on Dancing With the Stars.

Naomi Bettie is the couple’s one-year-old daughter.

From a previous relationship, the country singer has a 7-year-old daughter named Aadyn.

Allen informed his friends and family about his…

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