‘Jersey Shore’ star Vinny Guadagnino is furious with Matt James for holding a woman on’ The Bachelor ‘with a’ trash personality’


“Jersey Shore: Family Holiday” star Vinny Guadagnino is a “The Bachelor” fan.

Guadagnino, being a bachelor himself, will competently comment on the choices made by Matt James this season.

Guadagnino wasn’t too pleased with James during the Season 25 premiere for keeping a woman with him – and he wasn’t afraid to say why.

Vinny Guadagnino is angry that “Queen Victoria” was carried around him by Matt James

Unsurprisingly, a fan of The Bachelor is the former Double Shot at Love star. Guadagnino felt compelled to share his thoughts with his Instagram followers as he watched the premiere.

“It doesn’t,” Guadagnino said while watching the season opener of The Bachelor on his Instagram Posts. Guadagnino was outraged when James gave a rose to “Queen Victoria” Larson.

What are you doing, you motherf*cker, bro?! ” exclaimed Guadagnino. “This f*cking mess? “Guadagnino wanted James to give that rose to somebody else waiting for one, some of whom he said were “so hot.”

DRAMATIC. Mondays on ABC # The Bachelor pic.twitter.com/qKQU0L1XOu- The Bachelor (@BachelorABC) January 5, 2021 Vinny Guadagnino reveals that he can ‘f*ck, marry and kill’ ‘Jersey Shore’ housemates’

Vinny Guadagnino blames the creators of ‘The Bachelor’ for Matt James’ decision to give a rose to Victoria Larsen

The reality star added, “You evil, evil producers who make him keep this hot mess for this cash,” What the h*ll. What do y ‘all do? Right now, I’m falling into their DMs.’

Guadagnino was, of course, just kidding. Before fans got too mad about his Bachelor remark, he followed his video post with a disclaimer.

“Also, Guadagnino wrote, my point in suggesting [Larson] should have gone home was not about her looks. “If you watched the show, compared to all the other kids, she had a trash personality… that’s why she stayed for the drama.”

Still I’ll be angry at her anyway! ”

Vinny Guadagnino agrees with relationship expert Rori Sassoon

On Bachelor Nation, Larson made quite an impression. She had one of the season’s best performances when she came in on a chair, placed on a crown and asked to be addressed as “Queen.”

Guadagnino was not the only one who observed the demeanor of Larson. During the Bachelor premiere, he talked to matchmaker and relationship expert Rori Sassoon by telephone about Larson.

“That girl, Victoria,” said Sassoon. “I was like, “Is she crazy? Is she crazy? “Not to be mean, [but]you’re not the most beautiful girl there.” Sassoon thought the confidence of Larson was aggressively arrogant.

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“There’s a very, very big difference [between]confidence and arrogance,”There is a very, very big difference [between]trust and arrogance.”[Larson] was clearly arrogant.”

‘Bachelor Nation’ made a poor impression on Victoria Larson.

Dating in a reality TV setting is not suitable, in Sassoon’s expert opinion.

“People are very focused on being memorable,” Sassoon explained on “The Bachelor.” about the contestants. She was memorable in a negative way in the case of Larson.

As to what made Larson feel so amazing, both Sassoon and Guadagnino were at a loss that she felt the need to flaunt the regal guy.

James is unlikely to have a real link to Larson. He probably kept her around on the recommendation of the producers of “The Bachelor” There is another woman James is likely to end up with in Sassoon’s humble opinion. It’s too early to say, though!


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