Jeremy Vine’s ‘utterly terrible’ Jeremy Vine feud erupts as a guest criticizes the Princess Diana musical.


Jeremy Vine’s ‘utterly terrible’ Jeremy Vine feud erupts as a guest criticizes the Princess Diana musical.

On Monday morning, JEREMY VINE’S self-titled Channel 5 show witnessed a very heated debate as his guests weighed in on a new Netflix musical based on Princess Diana’s life.

After generating a stir on Broadway before the outbreak in 2019, Diana the musical has finally been made available on Netflix. The show has sparked debate due to some inadvertently amusing and wrong lyrics, and Jeremy Vine, along with guests AJ West and Dawn Neesom, has chimed in on Monday’s Channel 5 show.

Jeremy Vine and his guests got into a spat about the latest dramatization of Princess Diana’s life, Diana the musical.

The contentious Broadway musical first premiered in February 2019 and is currently streaming on Netflix for foreign audiences.

The musical had been unanimously trashed, according to Jeremy, with critics dubbing it a “absurdly over-the-top production.”

Andy, a reporter and producer, shared his thoughts after viewing the musical on Netflix.

He said, “I’ve seen the stage show, and it’s fantastic.”

“It has a lot of talented individuals in it, but it’s a complete disaster.”

Dawn Neesom, a journalist, initially mistook the show for a parody of a royal play.

“This isn’t a spoof, is it?” she screamed. They mean business.” “I was simply assuming it was a joke, but it’s not; they’re serious.” Storm Huntley, Jeremy’s co-presenter, was less excited about witnessing the calamity firsthand.

“If it were a comedy, it would be acceptable,” she said, “but it isn’t.” It was written with the utmost sincerity.” Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart will star in the upcoming biopic Spencer, directed by Pablo Larran, about Diana’s choice to break her marriage to Prince Charles.



While Jeremy was intrigued by the show, he was skeptical if the flood of Diana-inspired media was justified.

“Seeing these photographs makes me sad,” he remarked. In the end, it’s a family tragedy.” The guests then questioned whether recent depictions of Diana, such as Emma Corrin’s Emmy-nominated performance in The Crown, accurately depicted her.

“She’s represented as some perpetual victim, some weak, pitiful woman, and she wasn’t like that,” Dawn claimed. That would be offensive to her.” Storm, on the other hand, retaliated, alleging that The Crown’s fourth season had a number. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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