Jeremy Paxman slammed Prince Charles as a monarch, calling him a “big problem.”


Jeremy Paxman slammed Prince Charles as a monarch, calling him a “big problem.”

According to a rediscovered story, JEREMY PAXMAN gave a scathing appraisal of Prince Charles succeeding his mother, the Queen, as ruler.

The 71-year-old host of ‘University Challenge’ is recognized for his clear presentation and interviewing approach. He’ll be back on TV tonight for another installment of the show, this time as Cambridge takes on St Andrews in a first-round match. Jeremy was the face of the BBC’s main current affairs programme, ‘Newsnight,’ for 25 years, in addition to interviewing university students for the BBC Two show.

By probing a wide range of politicians there, he earned a strong reputation, with his interrogations being criticized at times for being unduly confrontational.

In 2016, the broadcaster released ‘A Life in Questions,’ a memoir that received mixed reviews, with some critics stating that Jeremy did not give enough away for the book to be engaging.

However, one subject on which he has been outspoken is the Royal Family, particularly Prince Charles’ ambitions as the future King.

The broadcaster declared himself a monarchist in a recently uncovered presentation at the Buxton International Festival in Derbyshire in 2017, but only because it is “better than any alternatives.”

“We’d have ended up with a President Blair or something horrific like that,” he warned the gathering. Because I am a monarchist, I have had to come out as such.

“But what about Prince Charles?” they ask. My response is that when we get Prince Charles, if he behaves like Prince Charles, it will be a major issue.

“However, I don’t believe he will because the function is different. When he’s monarch, we won’t have his views on talking to trees or anything pushed upon us, but when he’s Prince of Wales, he can do whatever he wants.”

The University Challenge host was referring to Charles’ reputation as an environmental campaigner over the last few decades.

The Prince of Wales announced his greatest green effort yet in January, a £7.5 billion cash pot to combat the effects of climate change.

The program is part of the ‘Terra Carta’ initiative, which encourages the world’s largest corporations to invest in ethical and environmental causes.

In May, Jeremy made a major news, stating that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

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