Jeremy Clarkson’s’reference to him’ in the new Diddly Squat book has upset Kaleb Cooper.


Jeremy Clarkson’s’reference to him’ in the new Diddly Squat book has upset Kaleb Cooper.

KALEB COOPER has expressed his dissatisfaction with Jeremy Clarkson’s treatment of him in his new book.

After appearing in Jeremy Clarkson’s hit farming show Clarkson’s Farm earlier this year, Kaleb Cooper became a celebrity. He has since confessed that he isn’t happy with how Jeremy alluded to him in his new book.

Kaleb reviewed Diddly Squat: A Year on the Farm on Instagram earlier this evening and gave his insights.

He joked to his 928,000 followers that it was the first book he’d ever read in a short video.

“So I’ve figured out what this is – it’s a book,” he explained.

“I’ve also read my first book.” Diddly Squat: A Year on the Farm, by Jeremy Clarkson, comes out today, by the way.

“Now he refers to me as a tractor driver,” says the narrator. That does not sit well with me.

“As it is Kaleb’s Farm, I like to think of myself as the farm manager!”

Make sure you get your hands on a copy. Give it a read and see what you can learn.” “I read and reviewed my first ever book @jeremyclarkson1,” Kaleb wrote beside the video. The PrimeVideoUK crew responded by joking that he should listen to the audiobook.

“We need you and Gerald to narrate the audiobook,” they said.

Many of the duo’s fans expressed their opinions on the video as well.

“I sincerely hope you are getting a Christmas bonus for this promotion,” wrote user Adds 256.

“I just imagine Jeremy behind the camera yelling at you to say great things about the book,” Mauroo was here continued.

“You two taught the country more about farming and agriculture than any school has ever taught!” wrote Dalek4.0.

“Bless you, ahh.” Justamanda1 wrote, “You’re both great together.”

“All the way Kaleb for farm manager!!” (sic) On and off-screen, Jeremy and Kaleb are known for their bantering relationship.

They’re also working on the second season of the hit Amazon Prime drama.

In a honest interview earlier this year, Jeremy expressed his fears about his co-star.

“Kaleb’s amazing,” he told The Sun in September, “but it scares me how he’ll ever be able to finance his own farm.”

“Right now, he’s fighting against hedge fund managers who don’t want to farm it.”


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