Jeremy Clarkson mocked Kate Humble’s farming remark, saying, “Not everyone has £2 million to spend!”


Jeremy Clarkson mocked Kate Humble’s farming remark, saying, “Not everyone has £2 million to spend!”

A Country Life for Half The Price presenter Kate Humble has banned Jeremy Clarkson after he made similarities between Clarkson’s Farm and her previous work on Springwatch.

In a recent interview about his Amazon Prime Video project Clarkson’s Farm, Jeremy Clarkson made a humorous dig at former Springwatch host Kate Humble. The Grand Tour host claimed that he wants to give viewers a different perspective on British farming with his show, but Kate shared her opinion on his comments in an exclusive chat with This website.

“There are two ways farming is covered,” the former Top Gear host informed this website (on TV).

“Typically, one is American industrial farming, as evidenced by news stories of these dreadful cow houses stretching for hundreds of thousands of acres in every way.

“Then there’s Kate Humble, who’s holding a newborn lamb in fresh straw.

“And, in reality, most British farming is somewhere in the middle – it’s actually quite good.”

“It tries its hardest to protect the environment, animals, and has extremely high standards – extremely high standards in this country. And that was something I really wanted to reflect,” he added.

Kate was questioned if contemporary farming shows give a true picture of farming in the United Kingdom.

“Yes, I believe they do,” she said, “because Kate Humble cradling a lamb is a part of British farming.”

“Not everyone has £2 million to spend on agricultural equipment that doesn’t operate or isn’t the right piece of farm equipment.”

“I haven’t seen the series,” she said, “but I will say that he has done a fantastic service to farming in Britain.”

“He has demonstrated that it is b****y difficult no matter how much money you have.

“The folks who farm our environment and produce our food on our behalf are immensely talented and dedicated.

“And whether it takes Clarkson’s kind of show or my style of show to help us understand and appreciate exactly what farmers do for us, I think there’s room for all of them.”

“I think the strange thing is that we seem to have forgotten that we wouldn’t have anything to eat [without farmers],” Kate observed.

“It makes no difference.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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