Jeremy Clarkson falls to the floor laughing at Hammond’s Grand Tour gaffe, “Idiot!”


Jeremy Clarkson falls to the floor laughing at Hammond’s Grand Tour gaffe, “Idiot!”

In The Grand Tour presents: Lochdown, JEREMY CLARKSON was left in stitches when his co-star Richard Hammond attempted to assist him in creating a man-made road on water.

Because the coronavirus pandemic required the creative team to film in the UK, Jeremy, 61, and his co-stars Richard Hammond, 51, and James May, 58, traveled to the Outer Hebrides for The Grand Tour special. The producers of the Amazon Prime Video series decided that building a bridge on water and driving one of their lucrative motors across it would be a fun assignment for the presenters to do. However, Jeremy fell down during the construction process since Richard’s plan to assist didn’t quite work out.

The task took a few days to complete, with blocks fused together to ensure the platform was as sturdy as possible.

The hosts, on the other hand, had to wade farther and deeper into the water to get the separate sets of blocks to connect.

The men needed to bring in a motorboat to help them finish their man-made structure at a depth of 30 feet.

“On the third morning of our endeavors, we reached a place where we needed to borrow a boat from a local,” Jeremy recounted.

“Here’s the situation,” he added, looking at the camera. We’ve constructed this section, and Hammond will bring the boat around here.”

He said, “And we’re going to tow it to the end of what we’ve already created where we can attach our new portion.”

“It was a straightforward plan,” Jeremy continued, “but it turned out Hammond had never operated an outboard motor.” Richard was observed fumbling to start the boat.

Richard was well underway after receiving some instructions from Jeremy, and the former commented, “HMS Hammond is underway.”

“In your own time, quick as you like,” James said as he watched the sights unfold while driving the automobile along the man-made bridge.

Dude, you’re a complete moron.

Clarkson, Jeremy

When Richard arrived, Jeremy was spotted throwing a piece of rope to his co-star that was tied to the set of blocks that needed to be relocated.

Richard secured the other end of the rope to what he believed was a solid and stable part of the structure. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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