Jeremy Clarkson ‘emphasizes the difficulty of farming.’ according to Adam Henson


Jeremy Clarkson ‘emphasizes the difficulty of farming.’ according to Adam Henson

JEREMY CLARKSON has pleased Adam Henson with his TV show, which depicts the “difficulties” of farming.

Along the way, Jeremy was aided by a group of extraordinarily giving and kind people, including his finance expert, ‘Cheerful’ Charlie, and Kaleb Cooper, who by the end of the series had become his farming manager.

Gerald, a specialist in the construction and maintenance of the many dry stone walls that Jeremy’s sheep were frequently destroying, Kevin, a veteran sheep farmer who was on hand to answer all of Jeremy’s questions about his flock of sheep, and Ellen, the shepherdess Jeremy was forced to employ after one too many sheep-related incidents

Lisa Hogan, Jeremy’s girlfriend, played an important role in the show, from helping with lambing season to working at the shop.

Several things went wrong along the road, from Jeremy’s crops faltering due to a prolonged drought to him destroying tracts of land to create new ecosystems, all in the name of ecology.

Jeremy was also regularly seen trying to complete basic farming tasks because he purchased the largest tractor on the market, which was too large to fit or go anywhere.

However, Adam, who works as a farmer in the Cotswolds, applauded Jeremy for portraying the reality of farming.

During an interview with Radio Times, the Countryfile host discussed some of the recent TV programmes he has been viewing.

“I enjoy crime dramas, so I’ve been watching Unforgotten and a couple episodes of Line of Duty,” Adam explained.

“I liked Clarkson’s Farm as well. It’s hilarious. But I also believe he illuminates how complicated and difficult farming is – albeit in a humorous manner.”

Fans are eagerly anticipating the announcement of a new season of Clarkson’s Farm.

Fans have been interrogating Jeremy, with one asking on Twitter, “Can you confirm if the reports are real that they are filming Series 2?!?”

“No,” he said flatly.

We’re not. Send an email to Amazon; their decision is final.”

It follows Jeremy’s explanation of his current predicament: making the farm profitable.

He explained, “In my thoughts, I’m trying to do all kinds of things heading into the future.”

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