‘Jeopardy!’ fans are devastated for a participant who obtains an unexpectedly low score.


‘Jeopardy!’ fans are devastated for a participant who obtains an unexpectedly low score.

Fans of Jeopardy! are sending their condolences and compliments to one contestant, whose shockingly low score on Tuesday’s program was the show’s largest deficit in recent memory. Matt King, a lawyer from Lewisville, Texas, didn’t hesitate to buzz in during Tuesday’s program, but he couldn’t get the bulk of his answers right, concluding with a score of -(dollar)6,400 and being booted from Final Jeopardy!

King got off to a good start, nailing the football categories and working his way up to (dollar)2,400 before losing steam and concluding the game with only eight perfect answers and ten incorrect ones. Despite the game’s outcome not being what the attorney had planned for, Ken Jennings praised King’s determination throughout the game. The Jeopardy! In the aftermath of Alex Trebek’s death, the Greatest of All-Time champion and current presenter told King, “I’m afraid you took your swings, Matt. That’s a tactic. It wasn’t always fruitful. We were so near so many times, but we’ll have to say our goodbyes here. With (dollar)1,000, you’ll come in third place.” Jeopardy! On Twitter, fans expressed their displeasure with the game, with some just expressing their sympathy for what was clearly not King’s preferred gameplay and others mocking him for it. At the very least, most people realized that his reluctance to stop buzzing in was admirable in its own right, particularly on national television.

Matt, oh Matt, pic.twitter.comgpOXU4o0W8 (hashtag)jeopardy “Is Matt setting some kind of negative score record?” enquired one Twitter user. Another inquired, “What is the largest deficit someone has faced after Double Jeopardy?” “Matt’s final score was -(dollar)6,400. I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody with a bigger one than that.” Matt landed with a thud. That is something I must respect. ✊🏾 pic.twitter.com2ceUOiYoc4A (hashtag)Jeopardy Several fans joked, “I have a lot more regard for those who lose on Jeopardy than I do for the winners. ((dollar)6400) was Matt’s most recent purchase. After the sports category, I didn’t get a single point and probably answered 25 of the 50 last questions off the top of my head, which isn’t even close. I’m just throwing out some educated estimates. “Matt was out there playing like me at home,” one user tweeted, while another said, “Matt was out there playing like me at home haha.””


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