Jeopardia! ‘: Is Ken Jennings Worthy of Lectern’s Alex Trebek?


The age of Alex Trebek on Jeopardy! This week comes to an end, almost four decades after the Canadian-born host took his place at the question-and-answer show’s lectern.

It’s more than clear that Jennings has some really big shoes to fill when Ken Jennings-hosted episodes of the game show air next week.

But recently, the man who became recognizable to the world after winning 74 straight games in 2004 has drawn negative attention for his own remarks.

Jeopardy has all of that left! Fans wonder if the long-suspected heir of the show should be set aside for another, more dignified contestant.

Jennings has recently been under the microscope,

In recent years, Jennings’ star has been on the rise. He stars in The Chase, the new game show, an American version of the British program for ABC. He has also been featured on Master Minds of the Game Show Network, co-created a board game, and blogs diligently about trivia and the world of fans of trivia.

It was, sadly, the father of two’s own observations that recently rubbed the shine off his star. Jennings tweeted the now-infamous joke in 2014, “There’s nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair.” He retracted and apologised for his comment.

I’ve never done a public lashing out for it, but in person I apologised to angry/hurt individuals who came forward in person. It was a joke that was so clumsy that in my mind it meant something totally different & I regret the ability to understand it! I’ve never done a public flagging for this, but I have personally apologised to angry/injured individuals who have come forward in person,”I’ve never done a public flogging for this, but I have personally apologized to angry/injured people who have come forward in person,” “It was a joke that was so clumsy that it meant something entirely different in my head [and]I regret the ableist interpretation of it.”

“Fans asked, “What was he thinking?” after another tasteless tweet in 2015, when he tweeted about the death of a Star Wars fan who died after watching The Force Awakens.

It’s not a positive sign,”It can’t be a good sign that every fan who saw the new Star Wars movie died shortly after,”that every fan who saw the new Star Wars movie died shortly thereafter.

And then there was Daddy Bean.

Ken Jennings (@KenJennings) January 3, 2021 How old is ‘Jeopardy!’ Incredibly jealous and angry that my podcast co-host would become an entry in the dictionary and I will never – Johnny Gilbert’s announcer and what is his net worth?

Jennings couldn’t resist tweeting in contentious waters again a week before his “Jeopardy!” guest host episodes are scheduled to air.

This week, his podcast co-host John Roderick tweeted that his daughter needed help opening a can of baked beans. Jennings co-hosts a podcast called “Omnibus.” He explained in detail how he reacted to her request: he gave a manual can opener to the 9-year-old and let her know that she would not eat if she could not master the can opener.

Roderick’s parental boast appalled many fans, but it was his colleague’s evidently tone-deaf support from Jennings that also frustrated many.

Jennings said in a tweet that “Extremely jealous and upset that my podcast co-host will be an entry in the dictionary and I never will,” Jeopardy! As they read, the workers certainly groaned.

What he had to say to Alex Trebek about Ken Jennings

“unartful and insensitive”unartful and insensitive. Perhaps he should take a break for a while from social media.

There is a great deal of good about Jennings that is noted by many, but particularly praised by one: Alex Trebek.

In his 2020 memoir, The Response Is, the late and beloved host even devoted a whole segment to Jennings…. “Saying, “When I think of Ken, I think of a human being of high quality.

Highly intelligent – that goes without saying. Someone who doesn’t want to please. I can be really compassionate to someone because I think we’re the same kind of individual.

It is also important to recall the occasions that Trebek came under media scrutiny for comments that offended contestants or viewers during his tenure on the quiz show.

Eventually, as in the case of Trebek, viewers would have to wait for the upcoming week of Jennings as guest host on Jeopardy! Whether or not he is deserving of the lectern, to find out.


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