Jenny Ryan is taken aback when Bradley mixes her with a Chase participant who looks exactly like her: ‘Forgive me.’


Jenny Ryan is taken aback when Bradley mixes her with a Chase participant who looks exactly like her: ‘Forgive me.’

During Friday’s legendary episode of ITV quiz programme The Chase, presenter Bradley Walsh mistook the Chaser for one of the four participants, leaving Jenny Ryan speechless.

Becky, Mat, Jess, and Rob were among the Chase contestants in Friday’s replay on ITV. After a solid start for the team in her cash-builder, first player Becky couldn’t stop laughing when fellow player Jess was mistaken for Jenny Ryan by Bradley Walsh. The Chaser was taken aback by the error and couldn’t believe the host had done it.

The team got off to a good start as the first contestant, Becky, won £5,000 after an outstanding cash-builder.

Bradley’s mistake of third player Jess with Chaser Jenny, on the other hand, drew the attention of the audience.

While the Chaser was taken aback by the gaffe, the rest of the candidates thought it was amusing.

Becky was assured by the host that she was a “better player than that” after winning £5,000 in the cash-builder.

“Well, you’re a training consultant, and you’ve obviously got some quiz training before coming on the show,” Jenny explained.

The Chaser said, “That wasn’t bad.”

Jenny made two offers: a low of £1,000 and a high of £25,000, and Becky seemed eager to take the higher.

Bradley then polled the team to choose which offer Becky should take.

Rob advised her to take the highest offer because she had “smashed” the cash-builder.

“And Jenny?” the host asked Jess, who had a striking resemblance to Chaser Jenny. Jess, please accept my apologies.”

The Vixen was taken aback by his gaffe, and Bradley promptly apologized, saying, “Oh wow, sorry, what’s going on there?”

“For a second there, I thought you were Jenny,” he said, as the contestants continued to chuckle.

“Please accept my apologies; it’s like staring in a mirror.

“I’ve been trapped in some sort of parallel universe,” the host added, attempting to dismiss the gaffe.

“Jess, please forgive me!” Bradley continued.

Despite being enticed by the greater offer, Jess and Mat both advised Becky to take the £5,000 offer, which she did.

When Becky made it to the Final Chase, she said, “I’m over the moon,” and Jenny looked thrilled by her performance.

Becky’s fellow contenders, on the other hand, did not all follow in her footsteps.

Mat was sent packing despite an impressive cash-builder in which he racked up £9,000. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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