Jenny Ryan is chastised by Bradley Walsh after making a ‘unnecessary’ dig at The Chase player ‘He’ll Stay.’


Jenny Ryan is chastised by Bradley Walsh after making a ‘unnecessary’ dig at The Chase player ‘He’ll Stay.’

During a repeat of The Chase on Wednesday, BRADLEY WALSH chastised Jenny Ryan for making a sly swipe at one of the candidates before he had even faced The Vixen.

ITV host Bradley Walsh welcomed four more candidates to take on The Chaser during Wednesday’s legendary episode of The Chase. Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan was pitted against Ron, Barbara, Karen, and Alex with the aim of winning as much money as possible. Jenny, on the other hand, wasted no time in making a “unnecessary” dig at Alex, joking about him leaving home before he had even faced her.

Ron was the first candidate to take a chance, and he cruised through the quick-fire question round with ease.

Despite his desire to face Jenny’s colleague Chaser, Anne Hegerty, Ron was forced to face the Vixen.

Jenny offered Ron the chance to play for £18,000, but he chose to play for the £2,000 instead, which he ended up winning for the team.

Alex was up next, and he sailed through his cash-builder round as well, potentially ending up with £4,000 in the bank.

Alex couldn’t stop herself from making fun of Jenny even before they went head-to-head.

Jenny began, “Hello Alex, the legal eagle,” before Alex responded, “Hello, thank you, Jenny.”

Jenny joked, “It’s a good thing you like hitching.” “You’ll save us a few quid by coming home after the show.”

Bradley stepped in to respond to Jenny’s remark, saying, “Put some money on the table, £4,000.”

“That was unneeded – have no fear, he’ll be staying.”

Despite Jenny’s jab at Alex, he breezed through the round and took home £4,000 for the team’s cash fund.

Karen was the third contender to face Jenny, and although accepting The Chaser’s modest offer of £1,000, she didn’t make it to the final.

Finally, Barbara was up, and Jenny offered her the chance to win £40,000 for the squad.

Ron tried to urge her to take the higher offer, but Barbara chose to play it safe and, fortunately for her, made it to the final.

In the final round, the three players had £12,000 in their bank accounts and answered 23 questions correctly.

Jenny did her best to respond to her “Brinkwire Summary News” questions.


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