Jenny from Gogglebox rips into Rod Stewart’s performance, saying, “Doesn’t he know when to stop?”


Jenny from Gogglebox rips into Rod Stewart’s performance, saying, ‘Doesn’t he know when to stop?’

Last night, as the Gogglebox stars watched his Graham Norton Show performance, ROD STEWART was the target of some scathing remarks.

The stars watched Rod Stewart perform on the Graham Norton Show on Gogglebox last night.

Last week, the 76-year-old rocker appeared on the talk show and performed one of his latest singles.

He dressed up in a sequined suit and surrounded himself with blonde women in white minidresses.

In front of Graham Norton and his guests, Adam Driver, Lady Gaga, Josh Gad, and Nadiya Hussein, he sang One More Time.

Jenny Newby of Gogglebox, however, was not convinced by his performance.

“What the hell is going on with him? Doesn’t he know when to stop?” she exclaimed.

Lee Riley, a good friend of hers, then made a joke about her decision.

Other families on the Channel 4 show had their say about Rod’s performance as well.

“Jesus, Shaun! What’s with the leg tapping?” Tom Malone exclaimed as he watched him sing.

While Sophie and Pete Sandiford talked about seeing the rocker in concert.

“Textbook Rod Stewart surrounded by beautiful blonde ladies,” Pete joked.

The Rota sisters, as well as the Baggs family, erupted in laughter.

“He can still move, Mary,” Giles Wood remarked later.

Rod talked about his fitness and his new outfit following his appearance on the BBC chat show.

“Rod Stewart, you appear to be fit as a flea, there was a lot of dancing and a lot of moves,” Gram had said, impressed by his dance moves.

“Football, mate,” Rod replied when asked about his fitness secrets.

“I’ve always kept myself in shape.

“I’ve had the same trainer for 35 years, and I’m going to pay him at some point.”

Rod also revealed that he worked on his album during the lockdown.

“I paid more attention to it, more personal songs because you have so much time to think about it,” he explained.

“Like everyone else’s new albums, I think they’ll be lockdown albums.”


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