Jenny Agutter of Call The Midwife is concerned about disappointing fans, saying, “I look like s**t!”


Jenny Agutter of Call The Midwife is concerned about disappointing fans, saying, “I look like s**t!”

Jenny Agutter of CALL THE MIDWIFE has admitted that she is concerned about “disappointing” fans when they see her out and about.

Jenny Agutter, 68, is well-known to Call The Midwife viewers for portraying Sister Julienne, a long-running character who has been a staple of the popular show since 2012.

The actress, on the other hand, joked that she frequently surprises her fans when they see her away from the television.

If I run into you in the supermarket and you look like s***, I think you’ll be disappointed.

Jenny Agutter is a character in the film Jenny Agutter

“I think people are disappointed if they run into me in the supermarket and I look like s**t!” she joked in a new interview.

The actress looked ageless as she posed for the January issue of Woman and Home magazine during her interview.

The BBC presenter exuded elegance in neutral tones that complemented the stunning shoot backdrops.

Despite the fact that she looked stunning in embellished tops and a feather-draped gown, she has never been concerned about her appearance.

Jenny admitted that while she is aware of her clothes becoming a little too tight, she isn’t concerned with diets.

She insisted, “I don’t want to change my clothing size.”

“When things get tight, I just say, ‘Right, less cheese, less butter and cream, no sugar and sweets, no wine.’

“And I don’t eat as much as I used to!”

“Dieters become obsessed with food, and all they think about is eating,” she continued.

“I enjoy food; however, if my clothes become too tight, I don’t go overboard!”

However, many people’s minds will be on it now that Christmas is approaching, but the TV star is focused on more important matters.

As the holiday season approaches, one thing is certain: the Call the Midwife Christmas special will be here soon.

Last year, the BBC show went to great lengths to ensure that the special aired after a particularly difficult and trying year.

“I was so pleased we were able to get back to filming for last year’s Christmas special,” she said in a new interview.

“I believe the BBC wanted it to happen for families at that time.”

“We were all aware of it.

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