Jennifer Aniston’s obsession with medical journals led to the creation of LolaVie, her new haircare line.


Jennifer Aniston’s obsession with medical journals led to the creation of LolaVie, her new haircare line.

Jennifer Aniston has long been regarded as a fashion and makeup star. While Michael Canale deserves credit for some of Aniston’s most famous looks, she has also taken an active role in her beauty regimens (she says she learned a lot from her hairstylists and makeup artists in the 1980s and 1990s!).

In the year 2021, Aniston has officially introduced her new beauty product, LolaVie, a plant-based product that is 99 percent naturally sourced and has everyone talking.

But this isn’t her first time in the beauty industry. She has even attempted to utilize the brand name ‘Lolavie’ before! With LolaVie, Aniston wanted to ‘combine the finest of science and nature.’ Given that she has some of the most recognizable celebrity haircuts, it’s no wonder that Aniston finally launched a hair care line. There wasn’t a single fan alive during her peak (especially on Friends) who wasn’t cutting and dying their hair like Rachel Green.

That, however, was not the source of her inspiration. Aniston was a medical journal enthusiast, according to LolaVie’s About page.

Her new detangler was inspired by her most iconic Friends haircut.

“While Jennifer Aniston is better recognized for her work as an actress, producer, and entrepreneur, you may not realize that she is obsessed with medical publications, technology advancements, and the latest beauty and health technologies,” according to the About page. “For LolaVie, she wants to mix the finest of science and nature.” She wants to show with her brand that you don’t have to choose between the two.” So, who is this Lola that is influencing Aniston’s new venture? “Someone who owns who they are, believes in themselves, and does things their own way,” according to the LolaVie About page.

They are living the Lola lifestyle. Naturally You, LolaVie.” Aniston’s fragrance line, Lolavie, first debuted in 2010. There’s no word on what the name Lola signifies to Aniston (maybe she just loves it? ), but it must be meaningful because it’s not the first time she’s used it.

In 2010, the star of Horrible Bosses introduced the Lolavie fragrance line.

Due to a problem with another brand, the line was renamed Jennifer Aniston, although it was still a success. If you want to smell like her, you may still find it on platforms today! “Top notes are Citruses and Rose; middle notes are Jasmine, Lily, and Violet; base notes are…,” Fragrantica writes. News from Brinkwire Entertainment in a nutshell.


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