Jennett McCurdy had a difficult upbringing, from anorexia to constant breast checks.


Jennett McCurdy had a difficult upbringing, from anorexia to constant breast checks.

‘If my mother was still alive, I’d still have an eating issue,’ says the ‘iCarly’ star of her new stand-up show and memoir on childhood abuse.

Jennette McCurdy’s new comedy show, ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died,’ may not be for everyone, but it’s not something that upsets the former ‘iCarly’ star. “My story has a lot of depth to it.” Life can be bleak — and chaotic. Nobody has a flawless existence,” she stated in a new interview on October 13 regarding the show, which documents her mother’s mistreatment of her. For the first time, McCurdy has spoken up about the degree of her abuse and the obstacles she experienced as a young actor trying to break into the industry.

Abuse is a very prevalent component of the entertainment industry, as several celebrities and press reports have shown. Alanis Morissette, the subject of the HBO documentary ‘Jagged,’ came under fire in mid-September after it revealed she was raped multiple times when she was 15 years old. We also reported in August on stage actress Alice Ripley’s “cult-like” behavior, which sparked a significant uproar.

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Debbie McCurdy died of cancer in 2013, and it appears the actress has been on a “road to healing” since then. “It took a lot of effort to get here. But now I’m at a crossroads in my life that I never imagined imaginable. And I finally feel free,” she said in an interview with PEOPLE about her tumultuous new show and the trauma she endured as a child.

‘It was because of my distance from her that I was able to get healthy.’

McCurdy did drop some insights in her interview with PEOPLE, though she will explain the full amount of her childhood difficulties in her future biography. “My earliest childhood recollections are of heaviness and confusion,” she stated, adding that her mother was “obsessed with turning me into a star.” Despite his shyness, McCurdy showed up for auditions “to keep the peace” and make Debbie happy. But that wasn’t all; Debbie’s devotion was so great that she even went so far as to force auditions.

Debbie began bleaching her daughter’s hair and teeth when she was ten years old. McCurdy began calorie counting at the age of 11, which progressed to full-fledged anorexia by the age of 14, when she earned the role on ‘iCarly.’ Anorexia progressed to binge eating and, eventually, bulimia. “I’m sure if my mother were still alive, I’d still be here.” Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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