Jenna Bush Hager weeps after her husband surprises her for her 40th birthday live on NBC’s “Today” show.


Jenna Bush Hager weeps after her husband surprises her for her 40th birthday live on NBC’s “Today” show.

Jenna Bush Hager will be surprised on her 40th birthday by her husband Henry Hager.

In a moment that brought the Todaywith Hoda and Jenna star to tears, Hager took to the streets of New York City disguised as an NBC page to quiz passersby on his wife’s favorite things – from the age she’ll be turning on Thursday to her love of queso.

Today’s Al Roker and Senior Vice President Libby Leist were on hand to give Hager a hard time.

“I’m paying for this shoot,” Leist joked, “so I wouldn’t screw it up.”

Throughout the video, Jenna could be seen wiping away her tears, especially when her husband ended on an emotional note.

“Jenna, you’re an incredible anchorwoman – you’re a natural at this.”

He said, “I have no idea how you do it.”

“I adore you.”

I’m signing out with a happy birthday.

“Turn off the mic.”

In a surprise birthday video,[email protected]’s husband Henry took to the streets of New York to quiz people about his wife. pic.twitter.comznxAmFix0X

Jenna expressed her surprise that her husband would agree to film such a ridiculous segment, but Kotb explained that not only did he star in the video, but he was also the one who “concocted” the concept.

Henry then surprised his wife even more by entering the stage with a large bouquet.

Jenna’s husband, wiping away tears, joked that she might need a break because she was “so overwhelmed” by emotion, as the NBC anchor declared him “the best.”

While interviewing Bono earlier this week, Jenna received a birthday surprise from none other than Bono himself.

Bono insisted on taking the journalist for a walk through Central Park before suggesting they stop in for a pint, which the journalist thought was going to be a standard interview.

Jenna was taken aback when music began to fill the air as the Susan E Wagner High School band began to play.

“Wait, what’s going on here?” Jenna inquired, as Bono replied with a smile, “Some intentional music.” Faced with another puzzled expression from Jenna, the musician simply stated, “Happy birthday, babe!” The birthday girl, who was then presented with a Guinness cake and pint glasses filled with the beer, exclaimed, “Stop it! Are you kidding me? You have got to be kidding me!”

Thank you so much! I’m in a panic.”


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