Jenelle Evans, of Teen Mom fame, has revealed that a close friend is ‘fighting for his life in the ICU’ and has asked for followers’ prayers.


TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans shared the sad news her close friend is “fighting for his life in the ICU.”

The mom-of-three asked her fans for prayers for August Keen.

Jenelle posted: “I don’t normally do this but can everyone please pray for my good friend, August Keen.

“He’s currently in the ICU fighting the virus for days now. Thank you.”

Over the weekend, Jenelle shut down trolls who accused her of drinking at 11 am in a new TikTok video.

The ex-reality star took to the platform to respond to comments about her drinking habits after fans speculated she has a drinking problem.

Jenelle, 29, recorded a clip of her holding a custom White Claw tumbler, before removing the lid and revealing that there was nothing inside.

She mouthed the words “you must feel pretty stupid right now” while unveiling the empty cup.

The video was in response to a critic who commented on her drinking so early in the morning.

The message read: “Why does your 11 am water say the PUREST HARD SELTZER IN THE WORLD on the can (which shows nutrition facts btw)”

Fans jumped into the ex MTV star’s defense with one writing: “apparently people don’t follow you, or they would know a follower sent you that custom tumbler”

Another echoed the statement saying: “I watched the video of you unboxing that tumbler. lol the real MVP fans know.”

Last week, followers also bashed Jenelle after she allowed her four-year-old daughter Ensley to mouth the word “f**k” in a new social media video.

In the short video, Ensley stood behind Jenelle as the Teen Mom 2 alum lounged in a bikini.

Jenelle mouthed along to a pre-recorded audio clip, stating: “My personality’s like, ‘I don’t give a f**k.’ But my anxiety be like, ‘I do.’”

Ensley smiled as she copied her mother, while both Jenelle and her followers noticed the four-year-old mouth along to the word “f**k.”

Jenelle captioned the clip: “She’s a copycat 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ #Anxiety #draft.”

The MTV alum clearly found the moment to be funny, though others weren’t happy Jenelle allowed her youngest child to mouth along to the curse word.

While taking to the comments section, one TikTok user wrote: “That’s sad to sit there and cuss in front of your child.”

Jenelle shared the new video after she was slammed for showing “favoritism” to Ensley.

In a recent, TikTok mini-vlog Jenelle documented picking up her children from school on Wednesday afternoon.

During pick-up, Jenelle gave Ensley a gift bundle that included a number of hairbrushes and rainbow-colored clip-in hair extensions.

“Ensley has no idea she has a package,” Jenelle said as she filmed her two younger children smiling, adding that Kaiser was “in a… Brinkwire Brief News.


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