Jenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ explains the severity of her ongoing cancer concern.


Jenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ explains the severity of her ongoing cancer concern.

Alum of Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans shared photos of a dark spot that was just excised and tested for cancer on Instagram, revealing that she is now struggling with a potentially malignant skin disease. Evans was visibly shaken by the event and sought assistance from her Instagram fans. “I don’t have any other photographs,” she wrote in one of the Instagram stories, “but this was the ‘freckle’ removed due to asymmetry, and half of it went dark brown.”

Evans is still waiting for the findings, so she posted a photo of the mole removal site with the comment “Daily reminder…go get your moles checked yearly.” Evans also posted a photo of a breakout on her chest, captioning it, “I had a breakout on my chest.” “and for those who are curious as to why I had a physical examination. I’m not sure what this is…it only happens when I’m outside in the sun and I become itchy.” “It was suggested that I wait till I break out before calling for a biopsy. It hasn’t been completed yet. Anyone have any ideas?” Evans went on to say that it was most likely a “polymorphous light eruption,” to which numerous followers commented, and Evans assured everyone that she would discuss the possible diagnosis with her dermatologist.

Evans revealed in a heartfelt video earlier this week that her impending clothing line partnership with SewSewYou has been canceled as a result of some of her inflammatory comments. Evans decried the recent news that the deal had gone through owing to “haters” in a TikTok video. She captioned the video, “Been crying all morning.” “I’m sorry to dash everyone’s dreams, but SewSew You has decided to drop me due to haters.” She followed up with a longer YouTube video titled “Who (hashtag)Canceled Me?” Evans, who recently chastised LeBron James on Twitter for his comments on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, claimed that her “haters” decided to launch a “hate campaign” against her by bombarding her with messages and stories highlighting some of her previous contentious activities. As a result, her apparel line was dropped by the corporation. “They came back and said, ‘no,’ we’re not working with you,” Evans claims the employer said in the video after learning about her background. “Long story short,” she continued, “they said they don’t have the capacity to handle all of these hate emails.”

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