Jean Johansson, star of A Place in the Sun, delivers a warning to guests before of filming.


A PLACE IN THE SUN presenter Jean Johansson issues a warning to all of her house hunters ahead of filming for each episode for the Channel 4 series.

A Place in the Sun presenter Jean Johansson has been a staple on the Channel 4 series since 2018, and during that time she has helped many house hunters to find their dream holiday homes. Jean admitted not every house hunt always goes to plan, but in an exclusive interview with This website, the 39-year-old explained she issues a warning to her guests before every property search.

She began: “On each show, we start filming on a Monday and on Sunday night we have dinner and drinks with the house hunters with no cameras before we even go out filming.

“That’s a good time to sort of get to know them before there are any cameras rolling.

“That’s when we will manage expectations and we’ll give them any tips.”

Jean went on add that sometimes she finds it difficult to meet the house hunter’s expectations.

She continued: “It is tough and as always on A Place in the Sun it’s a journey, isn’t it?

“There are a few properties that maybe don’t suit them.

“And so, you know, just like every episode there’s ups and downs.”

The property expert said her job as a presenter is to try and manage the house hunter’s expectations.

“I think we’re all bargain hunters and inherently we all want to spend the least amount that we can,” she added.

“We often get bargain hunters and part of our jobs as the experts and presenters is to manage those expectations.

“We are on their side, but we also have to manage the expectations as well.”

Last year, filming for A Place in the Sun was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.


When Jean and her fellow co-stars were able to travel again, Channel 4 bosses were forced to put restrictions in place.

The presenter was also unable to hug her house hunters due to social distancing rules.

Despite some restrictions still being in place, Jean is now able to travel to more countries as the government lifted the travel ban.

Speaking about what it is like on set for guests and crew, she explained: “We still keeping the distance and you will see that on camera.

“We’re still. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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