Jay Blades is taken aback by the guest’s sad sacrifice for a stranger, exclaiming, “This isn’t real.”


Jay Blades is taken aback by the guest’s sad sacrifice for a stranger, exclaiming, “This isn’t real.”

During his new series Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop, JAY BLADES has opened up about the tragic sacrifice a spouse made for their loved one.

Jay Blades’ fresh new programme Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop premieres on BBC One on Wednesday, August 18th. The Repair Shop host follows a team of professionals as they create bespoke furniture for nominated local heroes in the new season. Jay expressed his surprise at one of the guests’ poignant stories on the BBC Two show.

Jay meets the exceptional individual nominated for the piece of furniture in each of the six episodes.

“With this show, we are recognizing those who are not visible,” he remarked of the series.

“So these are folks in your town who are doing some amazing community work, who are looking out for the most vulnerable members of our society, and they do it for free or on their own dime.”

The narrative of Jack, who has been nominated by Connor, is told in the first episode of Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop.

Connor reveals he has a life-threatening liver ailment and was approached by Jack after he posted on social media seeking for people to donate half of their liver.

The two were strangers before the operation, but thereafter they became friends.

Jack and Connor later became a couple and are now moving in together, in a beautiful turn of events.

“When I initially heard it, I was thinking, ‘This isn’t real!” Jay exclaimed.

He stated, “It’s a magnificent fairy tale, and even Disney couldn’t write this story.”

“You wish you could find love like that sometimes in life, and then you find yourself standing in front of it.

“As far as I’m concerned, that’s a love story beyond all love tales – this person saved your life, and now you’re together.”

Experts Ciaran, Isabelle, and Saf created the unique furniture pieces.

Six woodworkers assist the crew in creating the exquisite objects in the Yorkshire Workshop.

Jay observes the trainees as they hone their skills and learn why they choose to be a part of the show.

The host of The Repair Shop said he was ecstatic to be hosting a show about what good people are capable of.

“Often, on the news, you have.” Brinkwire Summary News,” he told PA.


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