Jay Blades is taken aback as a Yorkshire Workshop visitor sobs. ‘It means a lot,’ he says.


Jay Blades is taken aback as a Yorkshire Workshop visitor sobs. ‘It means a lot,’ he says.

On Wednesday night, JAY BLADES was moved when a Yorkshire Workshop attendee broke down in tears while talking about her loving foster parents, who have collectively cared for over 100 children.

In the most recent episode of the BBC Two show, host Jay Blades welcomed Lesley into his workshop, where she requested that his crew make a rocking horse for her previous foster caregivers Elizabeth and Edgar. She fell down in tears as she began to explain what they meant to her, telling Jay that they shaped her into the person she is today.

Lesley, a visitor on Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop, appeared on the show to express her gratitude to Elizabeth and Edgar, who fostered her as a teenager.

“I would want to propose Elizabeth and Edgar, who are foster carers who cared after me over 40 years ago,” she said Jay. I wasn’t their first, either.

“They took me in when I was 13 years old, and I was their first teenager, so I probably put them off for a long time.

“When they are assisting others, they are at their happiest.”

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“Elizabeth and Edgar molded me into the person that I am today,” a sobbing Lesley continued.

Jay, who is most known for his role on The Repair Shop, asked Lesley about her and her husband’s personalities.

“They are just really family oriented,” she added, “and you were part of their family rather than being a ‘foster child.’

“You can tell when folks are fostering because it is something they truly want to do.

“I still visit them now, because, as I already stated, they are now aunties and uncles to my children and grandparents to theirs.”

Jay was moved by Lesley’s long-standing family ties to the pair and inquired as tears streamed down her face why she was crying.

“Because you don’t expect to have familial bonds that will continue into something like that when you’re raised in the foster care system,” Lesley explained.

“I understand why you want to nominate them because they mean a lot to you and have done a lot for you,” Jay responded.

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