Jason Manford admits after Masked Singer UK remarks, ‘Alfie Boe will not be pleased!’


Jason Manford admits after Masked Singer UK remarks, ‘Alfie Boe won’t be happy!’

When asked about his role on The Masked Singer UK, Jason Manford joked, “Alfie Boe won’t be happy.”

Jason Manford, 40, won second place in the first series of The Masked Singer in the United Kingdom as Hedgehog.

Many people mistook him for legendary singer Alfie Boe, 48, before his mask came off, the comedian has revealed exclusively to This website.

Alfie isn’t going to be happy.

Manford, Jason

Nicola Roberts, who played the Queen Bee on Girls Aloud, won Jason’s season.

“It’s a funny one because anyone who knows me, not just personally, but my fans and those who have followed me all know I can sing,” Jason said of his time on the show.

I’ve performed in four musicals, released an album, and done all of this.

“However, the general public, everyone else, was taken aback, and I think that played to my strengths.”

“It’s a guess who competition, it’s a guessing game, and that’s what keeps people guessing as much as it is a singing show.”

“I’m a little like Adele; I’m not on her level, but I can talk and sing like her.”

“It’s that sort of, ‘Is it Alfie Boe?’ I remember thinking, bl**dy hell Alfie won’t be happy.”

Jason comes from a family of singers and musicians, and he performs regularly with them. In 2011, on the show Born to Shine, he was even taught to sing in an operatic style.

Jason kept his young daughter in the dark about his participation in The Masked Singer.

“I didn’t tell any of my family I was doing it,” he explained. “Of course, I told my wife, but I didn’t tell my kids.”

“While my daughter was at a sleepover, they watched the final as it aired.”

“Everyone said, ‘That’s your daddy,’ and she replied, ‘I think I’d know if that was my dad.’

She was obviously enraged when the head was removed.”

Two celebrities have been revealed so far in the latest season of The Masked Singer.

On Sunday night, Gloria Hunniford was revealed as Snow Leopard in the show’s second episode.

Bagpipes, Rockhopper, Poodle, Panda, and other celebrities were also introduced to the audience.

“News from the Brinkwire.”

Bl**dy hell Alfie won’t be happy.

Jason Manford


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