Jason made an obvious mistake with rank in a pivotal toast scene in SEAL TEAM.


Jason made an obvious mistake with rank in a pivotal toast scene in SEAL TEAM.

Fans of the SEAL TEAM have just discovered a possible inaccuracy in a pivotal sequence from season two, in which Jason misidentifies his teammates’ ranks.

The lives of a group of Navy SEALs were followed by CBS’s SEAL team as they traveled across the world on perilous and high-risk operations. Each character in the military drama had a specific rank, just as in real life, and one observant fan pointed out that despite being a commander, Jason Hayes (played by David Boreanaz) proclaimed them incorrectly.

The Bravo squad was under severe strain in the season two episode Never Out of Fight when Commander Shaw (Peter Jessop) proposed the group split.

Instead of pursuing down Khan, a terrorist in Pakistan, the squad decided to use their resources to rescue fellow Navy SEAL Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr) after he was captured in the Gulf of Guinea.

This season, Jason had to show Shaw that his beliefs were erroneous and that his team was worth maintaining.

The group travelled to Pakistan on a mission to eliminate the terrorist group, and they were successful in arresting Khan and four other members of the extremist group.

Jason had to attend the burial of fellow Navy SEAL Brett Swann once he returned to the United States (Tony Curran).

He struggled mentally with memory troubles after a protracted battle to seek medical treatment at the hospital, and he decided to take his own life.

Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot), Brett’s caretaker, gave an emotional speech at the wake before placing his purple heart medal on Brett’s casket.

Jason, as the Bravo Team’s Master Chief Special Warfare Operator, also rose to make a toast.

“I’d like to raise a toast,” he began. “There are 46 special operators in this room, with a total of 655 years of service, 439 years of deployment, and 130 of those years spent at war.

“Among us, there are 21 divorces, 54 children affected by those splits, 17 Purple Hearts, and 104 Bronze Stars. Three Silver Stars are awarded.

“There are 34 persons with hearing loss in this room, with 24 shoulder and arm surgeries, 64 leg and ankle surgeries, 22 back and neck surgeries, and 24 shoulder and arm surgeries.

“And every single one of us, with a smidgeon of what Brett possessed. That’s a lot of suffering for us to bear, but I’m not one of them.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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