Jason Gardiner of Dancing On Ice says he lived in a tent following a ‘toxic’ experience on the program.


Jason Gardiner of Dancing On Ice says he lived in a tent following a ‘toxic’ experience on the program.

JASON GARDINER stated that after leaving his post as a judge on Dancing On Ice, he lived in a tent for three months because it was “toxic.”

After renouncing the famous lifestyle, Jason Gardiner, 49, spent three months living in a tent.

In 2019, the former Dancing On Ice star announced his departure from the show’s judging panel.

Much has changed since the choreographer’s time on the ITV show, when he was known as “”Mr. Nasty.”

The TV judge afterwards developed an interest in eco-friendly housing and has been working on building eco-houses for refugees.

During the construction of the homes, he had to live in a tent for three months.

“When the epidemic struck and I couldn’t do what I loved, I learned I had a new one.”

“And I’m so pleased I did because it’s been a truly transformative experience.”

“I’ve been on numerous experiences, met some incredible people, and earned an incredible qualification.”

“I’ve found a new life that doesn’t revolve on the TV industry’s toxic environment,” she says “According to the Irish Mirror, he said.

During the conversation, Jason said that his work on Dancing On Ice was marred by controversy.

“My career on Dancing on Ice was always tainted by controversy and a slew of concerns,” he explained, “but the trouble is, I didn’t realize how toxic it was until I left.”

“I’ll be honest, it took me a long to decompress from it.”

This website has reached out to an ITV spokesperson for comment.

Jason shared a glimpse inside his life during the coronavirus lockdown at the start of the year.

He described how a neighbor’s goodwill put him in a better position “”We’re on a different path.”

Jason stated, “During lockdown, I was quite fortunate.

“A neighbor generously allowed me the use of her allotment.

“It had a significant impact on my life. It was a deeply moving and wonderful event.

“It changed the course of my life.””

“Whether we like it or not, we are headed toward self-sufficiency.

“Being a food farmer and being sustainable is the way of the future,” says the author “He told The Sun about it.

Jason now uses Instagram to keep his followers up to speed on his life.

He’s also used his social media presence, where he has thousands of followers, to promote environmentally responsible activities.


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