Jason and Laura Kenny’s address is unknown. Inside the home of Team GB’s golden pair.


Jason and Laura Kenny’s address is unknown. Inside the home of Team GB’s golden pair.

JASON and Laura Kenny were already Team GB’s golden couple, but their place in British Olympic history has been cemented after both of them won a gold medal in Tokyo.

Laura and Katie Archibald won gold in the women’s madison, making Laura the first British woman to win a gold medal at three Olympics. In the keirin race, Jason earned his seventh gold medal, making him the most successful Olympian of all time. But who are the golden pair behind the medals, and where do they live?

Laura and Jason have a three-year-old son named Albie, who was born in August 2017. They live in the little community of Chelford in Cheshire.

“The fact that they are married and both exceptional athletes is absolutely superb,” said Chelford councillor Marc Asquith.

“Competing at this level is a huge accomplishment in and of itself, but they’re both lightyears ahead. I believe everyone in Chelford is ecstatic.”

Laura Kenny (@laurakenny31) shared a post.

Laura recently gave fans a glimpse into their home via Instagram, where she showed off their nursery in a snap with her mother and toddler Albie playing together.

A pale blue room with neutral-colored carpets and large double doors leading to the yard was shown in the sweet snap.

Laura’s mother sits next to him in front of a large cream recliner, while little Albie plays with lego in front of a large cream toy box.

Another photo of Laura’s mother and Albie shows the two of them sitting on a hardwood floor with a beautiful grey and white wallpaper in the backdrop.

Laura Kenny (@laurakenny31) shared a post.

We have new floor and haven’t acquired the items to avoid it scratching the wood yet for the folks who are going to wonder why it’s on coasters and cardboard!” says one video of Albie at an upright piano.

Laura and Jason certainly juggle being amazing athletes with becoming parents, as evidenced by her Instagram.

Laura told the BBC before the Games, “Albie came along and it simply changed everything.”

Brinkwire Summary News: “I simply sort of relaxed a lot.”


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