Jasmine Harman of A Place In The Sun proudly displays her ‘large tum’ to highlight’real’ bodies.


A Place In The Sun’s Jasmine Harman has got candid in a recent post on Instagram, where she shared a body positive picture of herself to highlight ‘real bodies’

A Place In The Sun presenter Jasmine Harman has taken to Instagram to share an honest post about her body and recent weight gain in a body-positive snap.

The 45-year-old said she wanted to highlight “real bodies” and show that not everyone has the “perfect bod”.

The TV star shared a snap of herself in a purple crop top and matching leggings, and admitted in the caption that she was unsure about sharing the candid photo.

“I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching about sharing my progress photos and a few people have encouraged me to practice what I preach about body positivity, not feeling like you have to hide, whatever your body size or shape,” she wrote.

“It is hard for me to share this photo, as I still don’t feel ‘ready’ and I’m hoping no-one will ‘body-shame’ me,” the mum-of-two continued.

“I was thinking by of putting it on my story so at least it would vanish after 24 hours, then I realised this would be my 1400th post and If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I like to say something a bit deep and meaningful every 100 posts!(sic)

“So here it is. Yes I’ve got a big tum. Whatever,” she defiantly added.

“I hope someone out there will feel empowered and represented.

“Not everyone on IG had the perfect bod or the perfect life,” Jasmine continued, adding the hashtags: “#mumtum #bodypositivity #realbodies #reality #notpregnant #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightgain #curves #progress.”

The star was flooded with messages of praise and support by her army of fans.

“Well done Jasmine, very brave of you. You look great! It’s a shame it doesn’t feel right for you to post this,” one admirer wrote.

Jasmine replied: ”I’m working on it both mentally and physically!”

Another fan added: ”You are a beautiful woman. NO ONE should feel ashamed of their body, nor should you.”

“Embrace yourself and remember what a huge inspiration you are for so many people! A true role model! You show us other the way how one should be as a human being with your warmth, empathy and kindness. That is something to be proud of!”

“Hallelujah a normal female body. Thanks for sharing,” chimed in a third.

Jasmine’s post comes the same week she revealed that someone has asked her. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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