Jasmine Harman of A Place in the Sun is caught aback by the couple’s abrupt U-turn, which she describes as “Changes things.”


Jasmine Harman of A Place in the Sun is caught aback by the couple’s abrupt U-turn, which she describes as “Changes things.”

A SUNRISE LOCATION During Wednesday’s classic Channel 4 show, presenter Jasmine Harman was taken startled when one couple made a complete U-turn after inspecting a property.

On Wednesday’s rebroadcast of A Place in the Sun, Jasmine Harman, a Channel 4 presenter, was on a quest to find Hugh and Bruce the right holiday property in Alicante, Spain. The couple was planning to emigrate from Scotland and had set aside £135,000 for their dream home. The pair took a dislike to the first property before they had ever stepped foot inside, which was Jasmine’s first setback. Hugh and Bruce, on the other hand, made a complete 180-degree flip when they saw the holiday property included a private swimming pool, leaving Jasmine speechless.

The couple told the property expert what kind of vacation home they were searching for before the hunt began.

They claimed that in the past, they had always purchased an older property and then given it a “modern” makeover.

The couple, on the other hand, wanted their Spanish home to be more modern so that they could move in right away.

“For the dogs, a garden would be ideal. Hugh stated, “A pool, either private or shared.”

Bruce went on to say that they were looking for a two-bedroom home, however three would be ideal.

The first property appealed to the couple since it included a shared swimming pool.

Hugh and Bruce, on the other hand, immediately pointed out how small the land was and claimed they couldn’t envision themselves living there.

Despite taking a look around the rest of the flat, the couple chose to pass due to a lack of space.

Jasmine took them to a three-bedroom vacation home for the second time.

Hugh and Bruce weren’t impressed at first glance because of how the property seemed from the outside.

The holiday home’s façade was painted in a terracotta color, which seemed to turn the couple off.

Bruce stated, “The overall style wasn’t what I had in mind.” “Perhaps it would look better if we painted it white or grey.”

They told Jasmine, though, that they would approach the viewing with an open mind.

As soon as the pair entered the garden, Jasmine pointed out that the home included a private pool.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” Hugh and.


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