Jan Jenning was slain after finding a terrible secret, thus there’s a casualty exit.


Jan Jenning was slain after finding a terrible secret, thus there’s a casualty exit.

In Saturday night’s episode of CASUALTY, Jan Jenning may be leaving the BBC medical drama after discovering a sad secret about her wife Ffion Morgan while being held captive.

Jan (Di Botcher) has been a main character on Casualty for nearly three years and has been at the center of several of the show’s most important plotlines. The paramedic will be forced to confront her concerns when she is brought in to assist injured patients who have been taken hostage when the BBC medical drama returns for a brief hiatus on Saturday night. When Jan learns that her wife Ffion (Stirling Gallacher) is among those who have been shot, it appears that she will go to any length to save her, even if it involves her own death, in what could be one of the show’s most painful endings.

Jan starts off optimistic that she can get her marriage back on track after a series of setbacks had thrown her relationship with Ffion off track.

What the paramedic does not expect is for her wife to reveal her secret: she is divorcing her husband and wants to end their marriage.

A call comes in to assist patients in a hostage situation just as the adored character is attempting to comprehend the news she never expected to hear.

Jan quickly realizes that her spouse is involved in the incident because she was the police officer assigned to the squash court disturbance.

In an attempt to be the hero of the hour, the paramedic boards an ambulance and rushes to the murder site, only to discover Ffion has already been shot.

Fortunately, the police officer is still alive and has maneuvered herself close to one of the exits that Jan uses.

Ffion, however, is concerned that the gunman may shoot her wife, so she advises the paramedic to leave the area and let the situation play out.

Jan is permitted to stay after speaking with the gunman, but she and her husband are both frightened as the intruder begins a live stream.

Jan and Ffion both glance at him as he tells those watching that he wants to report a murder that has occurred. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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